Tuesday, November 16, 2004

T.M.K., what you are doing is outrageous. You are acting like the Zionist Jews have not committed terrorism and that their terrorism has not been on greater scale. Commenting on the PLO's resort to terror, Noah Lucas observed, "There is no escaping the analogy with Zionism in the late forties."

You should know Zionists did not constrain their terrorist attacks to the 1940's, they used terrorism before and after. In addition to Jews killed as a result of Zionist terror against the British and Arabs, Zionist terrorists killed other Jews who dared speak out against their immoral plans. Zionists can't possibly claim the high moral ground and it is perverse to claim they are defenders of Judaism. Zionists murdered Jews that they labeled as "traitors" to the Zionist ideology. As early as 1924 these sick racist Zionists killed Jews because they stood in the way of their racist plan. Even a religious Jew was targeted by Zionists as he left his synagogue. Zionist terrorist groups killed Jews and non-Jews. From the beginning of the Zionist agenda, terrorist force was planned for and used. "In the single month of July 1938" Zionists killed more Arabs "than Arabs had killed Jews in the whole of that year so far." The terrorist bombing of the Arab Melon Market in Haifa was just one of the Jewish Zionist attacks that inflicted horrific casualties and injuries. The explosion set bodies flying through the air, the bodies "dead, maimed and injured." "Among the blood-spattered human remains were the mangled bodies of three horses, several mules and donkeys which had brought the villager's produce to the crowded market." A Jewish terrorist planted the bomb in the same area where another bomb had been set off just three weeks earlier which had killed 18 Arabs. This bomb killed 53 Arabs and 1 Jew.

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