Sunday, June 11, 2006

massive campaign of disinformation

Powerful special interests have prevented a diplomatic and legal solution for decades with Israel and Palestine. You are not getting the whole story.

This problem would be over if the U.S. expected Israel to abide by international law. It really is as simple as that.

You really have to do research into this topic because there is a massive campaign of disinformation to serve the Zionist agenda. Their efforts are so effective that they have managed to plant the idea in some peoples heads that even using the term "Zionist" is somehow a bad reflection of the person that uses it. Quite an effective bit of propaganda, bias the debate before it even starts.

What Zionists insist is essential to the definition of Israel is in fact a violation of human rights that we demand for ourselves.

What we have to ask ourselves is why should the we continue to put our lies at risk for a policy that says Israel is not obligated to adhere to international law and to respect basic human rights. Why is any discussion of holding Israel accountable off the table? People need to know it is being kept off the table.

There are basic facts that major media keeps from the American people.

Another example: In the international system, countries simply get recognized. There is no such thing as a "right to exist," it is an invention by Zionists in order to prevent a diplomatic solution.

"This concept right to exist was in fact invented, as far as I can tell, in the 1970s when there was general international agreement, including the Arab states and the PLO, that Israel should have the rights of every state in the international system. And therefore, in an effort to prevent negotiations and a diplomatic settlement, the U.S. and Israel insisted on raising the barrier to something that nobody’s going to accept. Certainly, the Palestinians can’t accept it. They’re not going to accept Israel’s existence but also the legitimacy of its existence and the legitimacy of their dispossession. Why should they accept that? Why should anyone accept it?"

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