Sunday, December 14, 2003

<< Did you see all that dancing and celebrating in the streets?!?!?!? Did you see all those smiling faces and happy Iraqis?!?!!?? >>

There were isolated incidences which were small. Pulling down the Saddam statue was staged. I didn't see anything on the scale of what was claimed was going to happen when we went in as "liberators."

Aslo as Chomsky points out, the Iraqis are not as happy with us as you seem to believe. MOST think we are occupiers not liberators and MOST want us to leave.

"Turning to another poll where this question was asked recently. How do you regard the coalition forces? Are they an occupying force or a liberating force? By five to one, they were called - an occupying force. Should the coalition forces leave? By five to three, Iraqis wanted them to leave. That's a remarkable figure, because about 95% of the population also reports that the security situation is much worse than it was before the invasion. And the only thing that's keeping any kind of a lid on it is the occupying forces. But nevertheless, by a very substantial majority, they want them to leave." -Noam Chomsky

Nearly all the Iraqis hated Saddam. only a very very small amount of people actually chose to work with such a man. in that small group is US policy makers who made the decision to work with this man. When will these people be held accountable? Yes, I know Iraqis that dealt with him will be held accountable but what about the US policy makers that worked with this man?

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