Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"Maybe somebody could explain how this is "conservative misinformation." I'm failing to see the problem."

Media Matters apparently has an agenda beyond that. Notice that Media Matters apparently can't see a major defect of mainstream media, namely the servile reporting when it comes to Israel. Mostly it takes the form of not reporting things. A dramatic example of the way the media behaves is the current AIPAC scandal. Check this out: search AIPAC and notice that American mainstream media is avoiding this, notice how foreign press and Israeli press covers it but American press isn't. I have been searching this and finally the fine newspaper the Christian Science Monitor dared to report about the FBI probe of AIPAC but of course the rest of the media is avoiding it. Want to see something dramatic? Search AIPAC at the NEW YORK TIMES web site and notice that they haven't reported what is going on. Seems Media Matters suffers the same blind spot that the NYT does.

Media Matters has made themselves look bad by jumping on C-SPAN like this. C-SPAN is the BEST thing on TV, it is a shame that Media Matters-is doing this. C-SPAN did nothing wrong. It is outrageous for Lipstadt to think she can write a book about a trial between her and Irving and to insist that C-SPAN cannot show Irving talking about the trial too if they want to show Lipstadt. Lipstadt is dishonest when she refers to what C-SPAN wanted to do as a debate. C-SPAN was not asking Lisptadt to debate Irving.

Lipstand's term "Holocaust Denier" is a propaganda term, she knows damn well she is misleading people about what Irving actually thinks. In America we are supposed to value free speech. Media Matters, for God sakes, C-SPAN is the best thing on TV, would you please have some decency and leave it alone? And by the way, is everyone going to let someone actually accused of crimes against humanity get away with it because people are afraid to confront a certain agenda?

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