Saturday, January 21, 2006

Luvy Duby responds to my post Osama bin Laden quotes author William Blum to explain the motive for the attacks on the U.S. : Luvy Duby asks, "You're saying the blame-America crowd now is actually writing UBL's speeches for him?"

"Blame-America" is a propaganda phrase used to insulate policies from public scrutiny. Policy makers hide behind the concept of "America" and obscure the policies and their actions. What is happening is you have been duped into not seeing that it is specific policies and specific policy makers that are being blamed for wrong and/or unjust acts. These guys have you fooled into not even seeing them, all you see is the concept of "America" and you don't focus on the issues and actions that are being discussed.

Was it "blaming America" to say that slavery was the root cause of slave terrorism? Of course not. Stop falling for such a manipulative and stupid concept as "blaming America." You really need to open your eyes to the fact that politicians are lying to you about life and death issues. Bush deceives Americans about the terrorists motives to shield U.S. foreign policies from public scrutiny, his first concern is the special interests he serves. The cover story (the lie that we are attacked because of our freedoms) which Bush feeds the American people robs the American people of the chance to decide for themselves if they want to continue to be put in harm's way over specific foreign polices. Bush Lied to the American People about 9/11 Terrorists' Motives

Bush's lie hides from many Americans the fact that we were attacked by Al-Qaeda because of specific foreign polices and not because we are the"brightest beacon of freedom and opportunity"

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