Tuesday, October 24, 2006

US authorities violated international law

US authorities violated international law. They attacked a country that didn't attack us and didn't threaten to attack us. The whole excuse is absurd. Even if Saddam did have WMD, and you might remember that he didn't and said that he didn't and said that Bush would be proven a liar. But if he did, he was not likely to use them against the US. Look at the fact that when he did have them he was unwilling to use them against us even after we attacked him! (the Gulf War) The whole war is total BS. The entire premise is absurd. It had NOTHING to do with the so called "war on terror".

After committing a war crime, us authorities CONTINUED to violate international law by changing Iraqi laws (all to serve the interests of business)

Big business is making a bundle off of all of this and the US taxpayers are being ripped off. For big business to receive billions of dollars for US tax-dollars, they do have to have some excuse don't they? The fact that contractors are building things in Iraq means what exactly to you? That it is a "good thing"? What would you need to see to get that this is a ripoff of the American taxpayer? The entire premise of this thing is off the wall. It is quickly forgotten that US authorities resisted elections in Iraq and when it was insisted on by Iraqis, the US authorities took credit for it.

I have never seen ANYONE in mainstream media question the premise that US authorities actually intended on allowing real democracy in Iraq. What the hell do people think the policies of a truly democratic Iraq would be? They certainly are not going to follow the US governments line! Is this not understood?

The media helped sell this absurd war and has covered for the ongoing crimes. The media plays along with the absurd premises. Also, I didn't see ANYONE in the mainstream media point out who was funding Saddam in the late 1950's (the US government) Who backed the two coups that put the Ba'ath party in power in the first place? (the US government) INCREDIBLE that NO ONE in mainstream media reported this fact! Do you see how they play the game?

Also, I have seen dozens of times a US politician bitch about how bad Saddam was and then as proof say "Saddam attacked his neighbors." Neighbors? Plural? These politicians are actually referring to Saddam's attack on Kuwait AND Iran? If Saddam's attack on Iran is an example of Saddam's evil, then what the hell does that make the US government which supported him in his crime?!? In all the times I have seen a politician say "Saddam attacked his neighbors" NOT ONCE have I seen a reported ask why they are listing attacking Iran as a bad thing when the US supported Saddam's war on Iran! If it was a bad thing, then why the hell did the US government support him? NOT ONCE have I seen a reporter question a politician on this. This is just another example of the warped elite culture that dominates the public discourse and makes up all of mainstream media.

No, I don't know of anyone that holds the US government responsible for all the crimes in the world, only the ones it has actually committed.


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