Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jet Fuel Debunks 9/11 "Controlled Demolition" Theory

Jet Fuel Debunks 9/11 "Controlled Demolition" Theory

"Almost immediately after the impact, somewhat bizarrely, I smelled an overwhelming stench of aviation fuel, Jet A1 gas, which I recognized because I'm a private pilot and I'm used to airfield environments. I recall smelling it and almost instantly dismissed it as being illogical and didn't have any place in the World Trade Center." - Paul Neal

The planes impacted the buildings with tremendous force and damaged the structure. The crashes forced debris and jet fuel down the elevator shafts. The fire ball explosions came right out of the elevator shafts, the elevator doors were blown open. People in the the lower/sub-basements levels could smell the jet fuel which smelled like kerosene.

"At 8:46am, the 1st plane flew into the north tower, my building. My co-workers and I escaped by descending 30 flights of stairs through jet fuel fumes and water." - Jen Murawski

"We smelled kerosene," Mike Pecoraro recounted. Felipe David had been in front of a nearby freight elevator on sub-level 1 about 400 feet from the office when fire burst out of the elevator shaft, causing his injuries. Cutter explosives don't create fireballs.

"Mike walked through the open doorway and found two people lying on the floor. One was a female Carpenter and the other an Elevator Operator. They were both badly burned and injured."

"... I thought it was odd that no one was coming into our stairwell from other floors. I assumed that they found other stairwells. … 21, 20, 19 … I could smell something familiar. There it is, my first connection to the outside. I could smell something. What is it? It reminds me of something. Kerosene? It smells like the kerosene heaters my father had 20 years ago in the Poconos. (I never made the connection to jet fuel until later on.) ... We keep going; 9, 8, 7, then again, "hold it." Picture the scene. You can only see half a flight below you and half above. If you crane your neck into the center of the stairs, all you can see are dozens of hands. There is still no panic. We are using those ahead of us as scouts, listening to whatever we could. The smell of burning kerosene is getting stronger. ... When we got to 1, the elevator doors were blown out and blackened. These were our first images of what was happening. They led us out the Marriott Hotel lobby. On the floor to our right was a fireman with a woman who was blackened from head to toe, barely alive, if alive at all." - Christopher Ferrer

If it was "explosives" they would be blown to pieces rather than burned. Being burned is consistent with a fuel explosion. Other individuals were burned as well and there was a lot of smoke.

"As we got to the third floor of the B stairway, we forced open an elevator door which was burnt on all three sides. The only thing that was remaining was the hoistway door. And inside the elevator were about I didn't recognize them initially, but a guy from 1 Truck said oh my God, those are people. They were pretty incinerated. And I remember the overpowering smell of kerosene. Thats when Lieutenant Foti said oh, thats the jet fuel. I remember it smelled like if you're camping and you drop a kerosene lamp.

The same thing happened to the elevators in the main lobby. They were basically blown out. I don't recall if I actually saw people in there. What got me initially in the lobby was that as soon as we went in, all the windows were blown out, and there were one or two burning cars outside. And there were burn victims on the street there, walking around. We walked through this giant blown-out window into the lobby.

There was a lady there screaming that she didn't know how she got burnt. She was just in the lobby and then next thing she knew she was on fire. She was burnt bad. And somebody came over with a fire extinguisher and was putting water on her.

Thats the first thing that got me. That and in front of one of the big elevator banks in the lobby was a desk and I definitely made out one of the corpses to be a security guard because he had a security label on his jacket. Im assuming that maybe he was at a table still in a chair and almost completely incinerated, charred all over his body, definitely dead. And you could make out like a security tag on his jacket. And I remember seeing the table was melted, but he was still fused in the chair and that elevator bank was melted, so I imagine the jet fuel must have blown right down the elevator shaft and I guess caught the security guard at a table, I guess at some type of checkpoint." - Firefighter Peter Blaich

"David Kravette, a managing director of Cantor Fitzgerald, caught an elevator down from the 105th floor to meet clients in the lobby. He emerged in the lobby, slightly aggravated at the inconvenience. "Which one of you knuckleheads came without an ID?'' Kravette recalled asking, just as a tremendous explosion shook the six-story lobby. "I saw a couple of elevators in free fall; you could hear them whizzing down and as they crashed, there was this huge explosion, like a fireball exploding out of the bank of elevators,'' Kravette said. "People were engulfed in flames.'' He escaped across an overpass to the West Side Highway. Three Cantor employees in the lobby suffered severe burns but will survive."

"Brian Reeves, a 34-year-old security guard, was nearly killed while making the rounds in the lobby of 1 World Trade Center on September 11. He started to run after hearing an explosion that he said sounded like a missile, but he was knocked down by a fireball that roared down the elevator shaft. Reeves suffered third-degree burns to 40 percent of his body before he was able to pat out the flames. He was one of 20 critically-injured patients rushed to New York Presbyterian’s burn unit that day."

As he waited for orders, Meldrum, the chauffeur (Fire engine driver), noticed that all windows in the high lobby were blown out. Glass and marble from busted walls littered the floors, crunched underfoot. He caught an occasional whiff of jet fuel, a smell like kerosene, wafting from elevator shafts. On the floor by the elevators he saw burned people.

"We heard a loud rumble, then all of a sudden we heard another rumble like someone moving a whole lot of furniture," Rodriguez said. "and then the elevator opened and a man came into our office and all of his skin was off." FIRE causes people's skin to peel and hang off their bodies. (*see example of skin hanging off because of fire below)

"It was an eerie walk down the smoky stairs, a path to safety that ran through the suffering. They saw people who had been badly burned. Their skin, he says, "was like a grayish color, and it was like dripping, or peeling, like the skin was peeling off their body."

... Even as people streamed down the stairs, the cracks were appearing in the walls as the building shuddered and cringed. Steam pipes burst, and at one point an elevator door burst open and a man fell out, half burned alive, his skin hanging off. People dragged him out of the elevator and helped get him out of the building to the doctors below." - TIME

There are more quotes at this page: Jet Fuel

*An example of skin hanging off because of fire: (from "Escape: Because Accidents Happen: Fire" PBS Airdate: February 16, 1999) ""Some people had - Their clothing was alight, their hair was very singed. Where their arms and skin were exposed, there was skin hanging off that had been burnt." - Alan Pryke


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

this is all very interesting in comparison to 9/11 theories. and let us not forget that the official explanation itself is a theory. while all this information seems useful in the investigation, there are also tons of unanswered questions. such as NORAD standing down, the practice drills that were being executed (i read somewhere that there is like a one in five million chance they would be running the same exact drill on the same exact day of the attack). while your point that no one ever talks about the side of WTC-7 (south i believe) that was damaged by debris is a good one, it still doesnt explain the center wedged collapse of the building. or that there is footage of people signaling for help from the floor of the collision, even though we are led to believe that it was intense heat that caused metal to melt. i would think that intense heat would melt human skin before construction grade steel. the pancake theory just doesnt add up in my opinion, given the free fall speed examination that so many have made from various angles. the emergency bunker in WTC-7 is enough to raise an eyebrow. i don't know, i continue to stay skeptical about it, but the fact that these questions have yet to be answered keeps me leaning toward sabotage. i completely agree with you as far as the motives and i agree with pretty much everything on your site and i've recommended this blog as well as your youtube to many friends. it just seems to me that if it wasnt sabotage, these things could easily be addressed.

truthseeker said...

US support of Israel's brutal oppression of the Palestinian people PRIMARY MOTIVATION for the tragic attacks on the World Trade Center in 1993 and on 9/11


duff said...

Jet fuel (kerosine essentially) does not have the explosive force to cause the damage reported in the lower subfloors. It also does not have the ability to burn at a sufficiently high temperature to cause failure of the massive steel beams at the core of the WTC buildings. (all hydrocarbon fires naturally aspirated can only burn to a 'max' temperature of 1700 degrees whereas steel and iron require 2700 degree F to -begin- to melt.) Thus, this article is simply disinfo. Hocum designed for those who seldom make any attempt to investigate the actual physics.

Tom said...

Jet fuel is explosive You presented no evidence to support your claim that "it does not have the explosive force to cause the damage reported in the lower subfloors."

If you think fire can't hurt steel, then why do they apply fireproofing to steel in the first place?

duff said...

go read the NIST report. Get a clue. Oh, and while you're at it, read Kevin Ryan's review or watch it on google video.

the article "Jet Fuel Debunks.... " ad nauseum is simply disinfo -- the premises in this 'hit piece' have been debunked so many times by so many it is hard to believe their are any left who are gullible enough to believe it.

p.s. you might also check out Jim Hoffman's excellent presentation on www.911review.com. After doing so, come back and at least argue the points intelligibly.

Tom said...


You didn't address any of the points. You still didn't present a shred of evidence about your claim of jet fuel's supposedly insufficient explosive force.

You didn't even try to answer my simple question: If you think fire can't hurt steel, then why do they apply fireproofing to steel in the first place?

You peddle the canard that the steel had to melt in order to weaken. That simply is not true. The steel weakened because of the fires. If you think fire can't weaken steel, then why do they apply fireproofing to steel in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Tom, you asked: "why do they apply fireproofing to steel in the first place?"

Heat (as from a fire) does move solid steel closer to a molten state, and enough heat will melt it (even more will change it to a gas and even more will make it plasma). Hydrocarbon fires, such as those of kerosene (jet fuel), however, are not hot enough to do this, even under the most perfect conditions for combustion. If this were not the case, your backyard grill would have turned into a puddle last Fourth of July.

Anonymous said...

There was fuel in the planes. That's why those in the towers could smell it. Kerosene is highly volatile that way. But as for the explosive force of the blast an hour or more after impact which blew sections of the support columns 70M or more across the area, the energy of kerosene is an insufficient physical explanation. See the image fon the following page for illustration:


Bush is a whore. said...

I don't believe the towers were demolished. I think it would be too complicated and wouldn't. Look at what noam chomsky has said about conspiracy theories. they didn't have too. They (PNAC) just needed a good plane crash. All they needed to do was look away. Of course they were doing exercises. They were warned. Bush got a memo. He ignored it because PNAC wanted it to happen. They want to take over the oil supply. The u.s. currency is backed by it. Imagine if the dollar lost it's value. there was no exit strategy! Military bases are the answer. That is what is pissing off the arabs, occupation. not only of Israel. Now it's Iraq and tomorrow Iran. Then the world. Heil Bush! What are you going to do about it?

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Pete said...

The idea that the steel had to melt to cause the collapse is really naive. When steel is heated, it becomes malleable, and in this case, malleable enough to allow the top of the buildings to succumb to gravity. Its not a huge mental leap like the idea that there were explosives and ninjineers and an invisible army of conspirators.

My favorite theory so far is satellite energy weapons were used. I'm hoping someone "discovers" engineered earthquakes initially weakened the buildings so that the planes would collapse them for sure.

John Clark said...

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