Friday, December 24, 2010

Great article

Added the following comment to this article Korean Brinkmanship, American Provocation, and the Road to War: the manufacturing of a crisis by Tim Beal (which I liked to in my previous video):
Great article, I've been telling people to read it:
I want to add that as far as the location of the civilians killed, the claim that the "two civilian contractors working on a military base" is supported by Kim Chi-joong, the brother of one of the civilians, "They were killed while engaging in construction work inside the military base. On top of industrial disaster benefits, the government should recognize them as those who sacrificed their lives for the country and others."
Also, yes, North Korea may have been trying to fire into the water since that is what it did in response to a similar situation. On 8/9/10, North Korea fired about 110 artillery rounds off the coast of South Korea's Baengnyeong and Yeonpyeong islands. "Roughly 110 artillery rounds fired off by North Korea in the direction of the West Sea Northern Limit Line (NLL) on Monday afternoon, about 10 crossed the NLL and fell in the waters of Baengnyeong Island." "The Joint Chiefs of Staff, based on testimony from soldiers on patrol and analysis by relevant departments, concluded that about 10 shells fell in the waters off Baengnyeong Island, about one or two kilometers south of the NLL. It said that all 100 shells that fell in the waters off Yeonpyeong Island fell north of the NLL." "The Joint Chiefs official said, “Confirmation of the point of impact comes from splash the shells make as they hit the water, but as the waters of Baengnyeong Islands were experiencing 2.5m waves at the time, it was difficult to conclude that the shells crossed the NLL based on soldiers’ visual observations alone."
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