Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glenn Hubbard?!?

I am working on a video about Glenn Hubbard who is increadibly the chief economic adviser to Mitt Romney! Hubbard is the former Chief Economic Adviser to President Bush. Hubbard's the guy who pushed the very policies and practices which tanked the economy! He got paid to write papers praising the very things that caused the economy to crash! It is insane that people are considering this path again! Mass media is guilty of journalistic malpractice because this situation shouldn't be happening. This is another example of why we desperately need to formally establish a representative press which by design will have the American people's interests built into it. It is unacceptable for the current mainstream media to act like it's even close to reasonable to consider the Romney economic plan crafted by the same people who are guilty of pushing the very things that just recently severely damaged our economy so bad that we still haven't completely recovered.

There are other people we can vote for, seriously, no one should be voting for Romney and if anyone is it is clear the media has really let them down. If people are relying on the nighlty news to understand the economic situation then they really have been taken advantage of by the powers that be. This sistuation is sickening given how bad the economy crahsed in 2008.

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