Monday, April 28, 2003

If you mean do I think that ownership of major industries should be like public utilities and transit systems, yes and really more so. The decisions should be representative of the public and that can only happen when ownership is publicly held (meaning by all the citizens with all their equal fair share) and the people have an input as to how these major industries impact their lives and how they can be run to the benefit of the public.

Like a Representative Government should be. We have seen the horrific corruption of the public good by these media corporations. They have withheld vital information because owners cater to their customers: wealthy corporations which are buying their service. When looked at by what the power dynamic is: what is being bought and what is being sold: the product is viewers. If you watch

Checks and balances in media. You can't have a system like the one I described above and expect that the service which is designed to entice viewers to sit and watch commercials to be fulfilling the FCC requirement of operating in the public good. The good they operate in is of those that generate the income to pay their salaries. Although obviously good intentions (the requirement was to use the airwaves for the public good) the effect was not achieved. It is one thing to try to protect the real interests of the public with stated policy, it is another to actually deliver on the protection by actually working in their interests. Money is power and if the power situation is such that a TV program does present itself as attractive to the consumer which is the advertiser then it cannot survive economically and get removed. The companies that buy time from the networks are the consumers, they buy the time from the networks to sell their goods or services).

The majority of the people voted and said they want input into what gets covered on the news. The system would be representative

Otherwize the playing field is rgged. the palying field or actaully the public forum. Where ideas get debated and discussed, If this areana of public discussion is rigged, then we get a biased and distorted presentation of "news" and entertainment.

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