Friday, April 25, 2003

Input from debater:<< Intelligence is what I base all my thoughts on. Want to know how it works? You consider all sources known and available to you, use your brains and take into consideration where the source come from and try to have an open mind in determining what may be biased or not biased in their information and try to come to the best judgement because after all, your judgement really reflects back on you. There is a plentiful supply of information and the resources to obtain it. >>

could you tell me what these sources are and how you think they are "all sources known" the mainstream media has created a false reality by excluding important facts from public debate. the gives people like you adistorted view of the world. You probably assume that the media is a check and balance on government power, the truth is they serve government policies just as powerful people influence the government undemocratically. Your previous response: "You need to smack yourself in the head and knock out some of the dumbness. Read what you have just wrote. You have said the most untruthful thing about America. Of course the Iraqi people will deal with their own government for their country. Do you think we will say no, go home and stay home, we are another Saddam and you will do as we Americans say. What a joke! Did all that brightness burn out in that alarmingly intelligent brain of yours. I can see your mouth hanging agape right now with your intelligent brain sizzling with more unintelligent hot air to blow. I mean really, how ridiculous your words are." You really don't know that is what our policy makers have done? country after country? Look at the history, a history that the media doesn't bother to tell you since the media serves what powerful people want and they don't want these foriegn policies questioned. What policies? for example ousting a democratically elected leader in Iran and installing the Shah. Yes it did happen. look at what James Woolsey has said. now notice the CIA doesn't want you to know about it.

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