Wednesday, June 02, 2004

my email to a fan of my web site
The fan wrote, "I stumbled on to your site after doing a google search on "9/11 terrorists".......Specifically, looking into whether all the individuals involved in this terrorist act knew this was a suicide mission.

Then I stumble on your site.......What a bunch of crap!!....My suggestion to you is you get serious about seeking some mental health treatment because clearly you're in need....("Bush lied"??------That's psychotic)

It appears that all the 9/11 terrorists did know before they got on the plane. Some may have been informed close to the 9/11 date while others like Atta obviously knew for months. In fact Atta wrote four pages of instructions to the others called "Last Night" in which it is made clear that it is a suicide mission.

psychotic or not, what Bush told the public was not the truth although perhaps he is too simple to understand that fact. Yes it is "psychotic" to trick the American people about WHY they are in harm's way but the agendas of the powerful don't often take into account the rights of the common people. There is alot a talk about "our freedoms", the sad fact is the American people are robbed of their freedoms when they are fooled into thinking the terrorists attack us because of ours. The point I am making is that Bush lied to America about why we were targeted and that his lie robs the American people of the freedom to decide for themselves if they want to continue to be put in harm's way over specific foreign policies.

But you ignore the facts about the MOTIVES for the attacks of 9/11. The REASONS the terrorists did what they did.

Many of the terrorists were not strict Muslims, many were drinking alcohol and having sex with prostitutes. What lnked them together was the common goal, the motives.

What you ignore is the fact that the motive has been made clear for years.

The thing that links them and the other attacks and bin Laden together is MOTIVE.

The motive for the WTC attack was made clear by the statement the terrorists made: "We declare our responsibility for the explosion on the mentioned building. This action was done in response for the American political, economical, and military support to Israel the state of terrorism and to the rest of the dictator countries in the region."

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In addition to that if you look you will see the motives are repeated over and over again. You can read the interviews of bin Laden here:

The motives are what enticed the terrorists to join in the first place. Recruiting them was done by appealing to the well know grievances.

"A former member of an extremist Islamic organization which is part of al-Qaeda explained how the organization's recruiters operate on susceptible young men. "Someone approached me in the mosque as I was praying, and started to talk to me about injustice in the Middle East, the poverty, our impotence in the face of Israel. He made me want to listen to him - to find a solution. At first these people don't talk about violence. They concentrate on how much injustice America has caused in the world and how to get rid of this unfairness. They mention Palestine, they call on you to uphold your national dignity, to defend people, and suggest for that you must sacrifice yourself. Then your people will live after you and will always remember you." The young man, himself an Egyptian, speaking in the privacy of a quite courtyard in Cairo, believed this was the way Mohamed Atta was approached." - "Al-Qaeda" by Jane Corbin p125

But there are people who deny the motives in order to serve the interests that want the policies to continue. Bush isn't the only liar, there are many others including Clinton, the media, government officials and intellectuals tell the same lie or play along with it. For example George Tenet quotes HALF of a key sentence from bin Laden's Fatwa, cutting off the part that explains the motives. Tenet obviously does this to focus only on the intention to kill Americans and to suppress the reasons why. )

Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet plays the same ugly game Bush plays, he deceives the American public about motives behind 9/11. See link:9/11 Intelligence Report the second half of the In the REPORT OF THE JOINT INQUIRY INTO THE TERRORIST ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 ? BY THE HOUSE PERMANENT SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE AND THE SENATE SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE, George Tenet suppresses the second half of a key bin Laden statement. The Second half doesn't say anything like what you claim, it says clearly the MOTIVES:

in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy mosque [Mecca] from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim."

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