Monday, August 08, 2005

"White America, declare the White State and put non-whites in their place.
Special White heritage and programs to benefit whites and to preserve the white character of the United States. Non-whites should not have the same rights as whites.

Pretty disgusting isn't it? No one should support a system of discrimination that sets up a nation state that violates the rights of so many people. Think it would be fair to tell a black person that he will now live under the White United States of America? Imagine even asking Americans if they think blacks should have full equal rights! The very question is offensive, but in Israel, the question is not only asked, the majority of Jews say NO to equal rights for non-Jews!

Fact is, this is the kind racism that Zionists insist we support in Israel!

Fact is, America is more white than Israel is Jewish!

The large minority of non-Jews in Israel should not be discriminated against any more than the large minority of non-whites should be discriminated against in America.

America is 81.7% white, Israel is 80.1% Jewish.

More than half the Jewish population of Israel - 53 percent - is opposed to full equal rights for Israeli Arabs, according to a survey conducted last month by the Israel Democracy Institute.
Survey: Israel yet to grasp concept of democracy

Now that I have pointed out these facts, perhaps Zionists can finally see how extreme their racist agenda is, abandon their racism and live as we expect decent people to live.

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