Wednesday, December 21, 2005

War on the Workers, What the Media is Not Making Clear

Very interesting. A reporter today was saying that the strike was continuing and then she started to say that the MTA didn't have the money but she had to stop herself BECAUSE THE MTA DOES HAVE THE MONEY

So the question is: why does the MTA insist on chipping away at the pension plans when there is enough money?

The reason? Because management wants to continue the war on workers by sending the message that workers must continue to expect less and less year after year. Year after year unions and workers are being attacked.

Remember, the MTA DOES HAVE THE MONEY. The question is: how much money would be saved if the MTA's pension plan scheme was put into effect? Less than 20 million dollars! That's right, that is how little. This strike has cost MANY times more than that. (city authorities fear New York will lose US$1.6 billion in Christmas business if the strike lasts one week, the economic impact could be huge. ) So why did the MTA force this conflict over less than 20 million dollars? Because management wants to send a message to workers to expect less and less year after year.

This is what the strike is about. Has the media made this clear to you?

The MTA is insisting that workers contribute more toward their pensions, a proposal would save the MTA less than 20 million dollars over the next three years.

"What they'd be saving on pensions is a pittance," said TWU leader Roger Toussaint. "were it not for the pension piece, we would not be out on strike.

It could be "resolved in hours if there's a will." "All it (the MTA) needs to do is take its pension proposal off the table."

Has the media made these details clear to you? The stubborn MTA insists on chipping away at worker's futures and forcing this strike to happen. This is management's continuing war on workers and the media is serving the interests of management.

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