Saturday, December 03, 2005

What do YOU think the US position and/or involvement should be with the Sudan where major human rights violations are occurring on a daily basis?

You sound like a bleeding heart liberal, so concerned about human rights and so willing to have the government so something about it. The Military Industrial Complex has quite a marketing department for you to so readily concern yourself with this, and apparently so willing to use taxpayers money to right wrongs.

I would take a careful look before being so willing to go for "Humanitarian Military Intervention." I know you didn't suggest it but this is something that gets pushed and I would suggest you don't assume noble intentions on the part of U.S. policymakers. If they wanted to be decent thing then after the mistaken bombing (which they had no right to do) they should have paid reparations to Sudan. Also the U.S. should not have been undermining attempts to refer the Sudan situation to the ICC. Amnesty International reiterated its concern that the USA is refusing to adopt the Commission of Inquiry’s recommendation that the situation in Darfur should be referred to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

You swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution and to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution. The U.S. Signed the UN Charter, look at our Constitution, Treaties become law of OUR LAND. You need to take seriously the obligations that have been made. We need to stop undermining the UN. Bolton needs to shut his obnoxious mouth and stop openly declaring a policy of lawlessness.

Your whole premise of "constructive comments" is absurd. If someone were to say that street thugs should be held accountable and be brought to justice, I am sure you would agree. Yet you are brainwashed with this idea that people in powerful positions in our government become "America" itself so that we can no longer hold them to account without being cast as "anti-American". It really is one of the most serious propaganda problems we have. All I am saying is that people that violate the law and commit crimes are wrong and should be held accountable so why do you bitch about "criticisms?" If I was saying it about a small time hood you would be jumping up and down saying yes, yes, yes! You would not be saying that it is "worthless criticism" Yet this insane propaganda of conflating U.S. officials with "America" itself has got you brainwashed.

As for specific details of what we should talk about at the UN, I would need to do some research. I, unlike some other people, like to be informed about the issues I discuss.

This topic was about the Iraq Debate, why are you so concerned about Sudan?

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