Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am honestly anxious to hear your response

In response to faintstarlite's video, MeLikeGoFast writes, "I have a couple of questions to ask you, WOULD YOU HAVE TALKS WITH AL-QUEDA? Do you think that TALKING IS THE ANSWER TO ALL PROBLEMS? These are real questions and I am honestly anxious to hear your response. Thanks."

I read your comment to faintstarlite. Talking is a good idea and it should be PUBLIC. The minute that started the public would see Al-Qaeda demands that certain specific polices be stopped. Reasonable people would then look at these policies and see if the government has been honest with the American people and look to see if the polices are actually just.

Look into it, Bush and others LIED about why we were attacked in order to protect these policies. they lied because if the public realized what it was they were being attacked over, they would examine the policies to see if they are right. Turns out the policies are flat out wrong. The powers that people don't want the public to stop these policies so they lie to us and rob us of the freedom to decide if we want to be placed in harm's way because of them.

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