Friday, June 13, 2008

John Conyers is Still Failing America

John Conyers is Still Failing America

I recommend this video, click here for bigger screen:
John Conyers is Still Failing America

John Perry writes, "Still waiting for the House Judiciary Chairman to honor his oath and do his job by launching impeachment hearings. This video features a reading of the message I faxed to Mr. Conyers on Monday afternoon (6/9/08), with cc's to my rep and senators."
Text of fax here. See link to poll in video description of his video. Perry writes:

Contact John Conyers. Tell him to honor his oath to the Constitution and do the job the people expect of him.

John Conyers
United States House of Representatives
2426 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-2214

Phone: 202-225-512

After Downing Street
Tell Conyers to Do His Job, Start the Impeachment Hearings! See VIDEO Playlist


Anonymous said...

HEY ... im not a bush fan...really!!! but my opinion is - this Impeachment is part of bush plans ... since the last century.
otherwise, if the impeachment works out i would love to find what conviction tipe they apply.
Some parking tikets??? or then the same that happened to sadam???
some nice hollydays for life on the rope, with LIVE BROADCAST FOR ALL OVER THE WORLD... with better audiences than the fake moon landing sucess!
take care kids!!!DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY :)

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha....I believe the same thing, that this is just another hoax to trick Americans. The elitist realize that the public does not trust the government, and are on the verge of reacting with hostility. The elitist take control by working secretly, and implementing plans that often run for decades before you become suspicious.

The impeachment or resignation of Bush and Cheney will be constructed to renew faith in government by the sheeple, and to allow the sheeple to go back to grazing (complacency). It wll be at this point that the elitist will strike again, and many of the faces we despised today, will reappear.

We'll see how the McClennan testimony goes next week, and what evidence it will provide to the potential impeachment process. There are far too many coincidences occurring that would lead the informed (and awake) to see this as a setup.

We should be marching in the street for radical change. Look at the South Koreans, and how they rallied over an issue like importing US beef. How could they muster so much support? Why are Americans not outraged at the even more decisive issues we are faced with? Americans are complacent, dumbed down and filled with American Idol. They are ignorant, and refuse to see the sword above their heads. Too bad...I hope they reap what they sow.

There is much more turmoil to come, thanks not to our government or the evil elitist, but to lazy ass Americans who will not swallow their pride and research the issues to understand our dilemna.

Good luck to those that have stayed informed, and know what is to come.

Tom said...

"We should be marching in the street for radical change."

I disagree, marching is just walking down a street with other people, possibly holding a sign that may be seen by a few dozen people. If you want political change, you need to DO THINGS which effect change. Putting representatives into office who will respond to our demands is a major way to do it. If we can get Nader into the office of President, heads will roll. (that is why the mainstream media is committing a major fraud by continually referring to "the two parties" so that people will be tricked into thinking they can only really vote for Obama or McCain.

Anonymous said...

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