Friday, June 06, 2008


"PROOF! BUSH & CHENEY LIED! *Someone MUST PAY!" is the title of a video posted by VOTERSTHINKdotORG

I don't know why Keith Olbermann says the Bush Administration lies were used for the first unprovoked war in U.S. history. First? The Iraq War isn't the first unprovoked war in U.S. history. Just take a recent example, Clinton's 1999 War on Kosovo.

"There are some striking similarities between Clinton's Kosovo campaign and George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq four years later. Both were wars of choice," writes Sidney Blumenthal, a former assistant and senior adviser to President Clinton. "Wars of choice," as Blumenthal euphemistically puts it, are by definition war crimes.

Editor of The Progressive magazine, Rothschild said: "What gives the United States and NATO the right to conduct this warfare? If the United States is going to engage in so-called humanitarian interventions, it is incumbent upon it to abide both by U.S. law and international law. It is doing neither here.

Chomksy points out, "let's look at the situation from the US point of view: There's a crisis, what do we do about it? One possibility is to work through the United Nations, which is the agency responsible under treaty obligations and international law for dealing with such matters. But the US made it clear a long time ago that it has total contempt for the institutions of world order, the UN, the World Court, and so on. In fact the US has been very explicit about that. This was not always the case. In the early days of the UN, the majority of countries backed the US because of its overwhelming political power. But that began to change when decolonisation was extended and the organisation and distribution of world power shifted. Now the US can no longer count on the majority of countries to go along with its demands. The UN is no longer a pliant, and therefore no longer a relevant, institution. This proposition became very explicit during the Reagan years and even more brazen during the Clinton years. So brazen that even right-wing analysts are worried about it. There is an interesting article in the current issue of Foreign Affairs, an establishment journal in the US, warning Washington that much of the world regards the US as a "rogue super-power" and the single greatest threat to their existence. In fact, the US has placed itself totally above the rule of international law and international institutions."

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