Tuesday, June 17, 2008

President Bush continues his threats, openly violating international law

President Bush continues his threats, continuing to openly violate international law and putting us all at greater risk of suffering the horrors of a what could be a world war.

Colin Brown , Deputy Political Editor of the Independent, seems unaware or purposely downplaying the fact that Bush is in violation of international law. Note Colin Brown's choice of words (they don't convey that Bush is engaged in a wrong and that he is threatening a serious war crime): Bush threatens Iran with military action

Colin Brown writes, "Mr Bush left no doubt that the US is holding military action in reserve. Thanking Mr Brown for keeping together the European alliance "so that we can solve this problem diplomatically", Mr Bush said: "That is my first choice. The Iranians must understand that all options are on the table, however." VIDEO: Project CHECKMATE Could Create Ten Times More Horrors

Attacking Iran would be a war crime. Threatening to attack Iran is a crime in itself.

And look how the authors at Spiegel also write as if this madness is perfecly natural and on the level. Contact Ralf Beste, Cordula Meyer and Christoph Schult and tell them there is still such thing as war crimes. The angle and tone of the article is disgusting. Israeli Ministers Mull Plans for Military Strike against Iran

"An Israeli attack will be seen as a US attack. Iran will retaliate against both Israel and the US."

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