Thursday, August 06, 2009

Threats are a violation of our right to free speech

See video: Threats & Throwing Lit Matches

It should go without saying that making threats crosses the line. Everyone should know that no one has the right to intimidate people into not exercising their right of free speech. Threats are a violation of our right to free speech. And it's of course a violation of YouTube's terms of use and it's a violation of law.

You know I've been civil with this person in my video responses as you can see in these two previous videos. And this is the kind of comment he makes?

This isn't the first time Zionists cross the line in order to suppress talk about Israel. Soon after 9/11, I was waling through the streets of New York with this sign and I started to talk to three individuals. They asked about well what were the motives. So I went through them and I actually listed Israel as the third going by the 1998 fatwa. But if you go by the motives of the perpetrators and organizers and mastermind of 9/11, you see that the main motive was outrage at US support of Israel.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009