Monday, September 29, 2008

The Truth about the Wall Street Bailout

See Video: The Truth about the Wall Street Bailout: How "Free Market Capitalism" Really Works. Nader and Chomsky Explain the Game, a Nanny State to Take Care of the Rich

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader (subscribe to the Nader channel) has a good video about the wall street bailout, I'll play you a short clip and also a clip of Chomsky talking about capitalism in the real world .

r is right, the bailout is yet another example of socialism for the rich which has been the game that's always been played. ALSO SEE: We have State-Capitalism NOT Capitalism

I recommend this CD of Noam Chomsky talking at Harvard in 96: Free Market Fantasies, Capitalism in the Real World

Chomsky explains that the free market theory sold to the public is just a fantasy. He shows how in the real world, different rules apply to the rich. the rich make sure they have the nanny state to take care of themselves. We are being played for fools. Let's get the word out.
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Swedish Twin charged with murder, One of the Highway Crossing Swedes Charged

Swedish Twin charged with murder
Sabina Eriksson, one of the twins who ran across a British highway, was charged with stabbing to death 54 year old Glenn Hollinshead. Eriksson, a 40 year old Swede living in Ireland, had been previously charged will running onto the highway and had admitted assaulting a police officer.
Why would Fox News write an article about this story with the twins and make joke out of it? Why wrote this: Swedish Twins Get Hit Playing 'Frogger' on Freeway?

That is the headline Fox News used in their report of a story of the Swedish twin sisters who ran into the road and caused accidents. How old is the reporter who wrote this?: "in what could best be described as a real-life game of ‘Frogger,’ the object of which is to cross a busy freeway without becoming road kill."

The story was interesting so I looked into it, I contacted a Swedish journalist who had written a recent article about charges against one of the twins in order to verify it is the same woman. It is.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ask Steve to Change the "You Choose '08" page. See Renetto's Interview with Nader

SEE VIDEO: Ask Steve to Change the "You Choose '08" page. See Renetto's Interview with Nader

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Renetto makes some excellent points in the video description of his latest video:

"Following the example of the Commission on Presidential Debates, a corporation established by the Republican and Democratic parties, YouTube is presenting the two corporate nominees as the only candidates running for president on their You Choose '08 page. How can we allow private interests to limit what voters are exposed to on a supposedly user-driven site where the word "you" is right in the name?

The exclusion of candidates like Ralph Nader is tantamount to a political endorsement of the two corporate parties by YouTube. Please contact Steve Grove, director of the You Choose '08 platform, telling him politely that you'd like to see the You Choose page changed to have Ralph Nader and all other serious candidates running for president equally represented. YouTube users must make it clear that they are against the deceitful practices of placing certain candidates which do not adequately represent their interests at an advantage above those which do.

You can also pledge your support for the democratic values of the Nader/Gonzalez campaign by visiting Contribute to the restoration of your civil liberties and constitutional protections. The money drive ends on the 27th, so please act now."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/11 and Wrong Policy, what the 9/11 Commission Report did to us.

Please discuss the fact that the 9/11 Commission did not do its job. This video shows exactly what I am talking about: 9/11 and Wrong Policy, what the 9/11 Commission Report did to us.
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In their book, "Without Precedent" top 9/11 Commission admit to the game the played. Commissioners REJECTED mentioning the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. And you can see this this video the testimony they excluded from the 9/11 Report.

Thank you James

Thank you James for all the work you do to get the truth out about the main motive for the 9/11 attacks.

You can see James at one of the 9/11 Public Discourse Project's hearings challenging Lee Hamilton, vice Chairman of the 9/11 Commission about how they were avoiding talking about US support for Israel which was the main motive for the 9/11 attacks. SEE VIDEO HERE:

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


You have repeated the usual misrepresentations, distortions and omissions which are common in the Zionist/pro-Israel narrative.

First of all, only a small percentage, aprox. 5% to 7%, was purchased. And the point is that Zionists plotted ethnic cleansing from the beginning. Israel Zangwel argued that Zionists “must be prepared either to drive out by the sword the tribes in possession as our forefathers did or to grapple with the problem of a large alien population.”

Even before the 20th century, some Jews saw warning signs that the Jews moving into Palestine were not going to respect the non-Jewish inhabitants. Ahad Aham, a Jewish critic of Zionist supremacy, complained in 1891 that "they treat the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, deprive them of their rights, offend them without cause, and even boast of these deeds; and nobody among us opposes this despicable and dangerous inclination."

This Yeshiva University Commentator admits the truth:
"One of the greatest Israeli myths is that most Arabs left their homes on orders from the Arab High Command. To support this myth, the oft-quoted scandalous canard "their leaders told them to leave" was concocted. Assiduous research has shown this to be fall. ... The myth of the radio broadcast was important to us because, if followed to its logical conclusion, it allowed all the blame to be placed on the refugees themselves."

And even thousands of Palestinians who didn't leave still had their property and land stolen: There were thousands of non-Jews who didn't leave yet still had their homes and land stolen! In the first 8 years, the Jewish State took away a staggering 50% of all the land owned by Palestinians remaining in Israel. The shocking fact is some 39,000 Palestinians who never left were robbed anyway! "Israel seized property and land from some 39,000 Palestinians who escaped expulsion and remained in Israel. It was never returned, and these individuals never received compensation although they are citizens of Israel." - See endnote 67 of The Palestinians: In Search of a Just Peace by Cheryl A. Rubenberg


"The misleading story often told is that "Jews declared Israel and then they were attacked." The fact is from November 1947 to May 1948 the Zionists were already on the offensive and had already attacked Arabs. In the months before Israel was declared, the Zionists had driven 300,000 non-Jews off their land. In the months before Israel was declared, the Zionists had seized land beyond the proposed Jewish State."
Plus, see how unjust the whole plan was:

Bryan, spreading your lies continues to put my life and the lives of my fellow Americans at risk. See this video:

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

US Media FAILS to Inform the Public about Looming ILLEGAL Attack which Risks Starting WORLD WAR THREE.

US Media FAILS to Inform the Public about Looming ILLEGAL Attack which Risks Starting WORLD WAR THREE.
See Video:

Megawatts and Megatons: The Future of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons

Dutch withdraw spy from Iran because of 'impending US attack'

"The Dutch intelligence service has pulled an agent out of an "ultra-secret operation" spying on Iran's military industry because spymasters in Netherlands believe a United States air attack was imminent," Dutch withdraw spy from Iran because of impending US attack,, United Kingdom - Aug 31, 2008

"The largest newspaper in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf, reported this past weekend that its nation's intelligence agency has been working closely with the CIA to help prepare the U.S. in a planned air attack on Iran.

The front-page story in De Telegraaf, published Friday and headlined "Attack on Iran Imminent," claimed that U.S. military strikes on Iran's nuclear and weapons facilities would happen in weeks.

The paper indicated Holland's military intelligence service (Algemene Inlichtingen-en Veiligheidsdienst, or AIVD), has pulled back from its operations inside Iran helping the U.S. to identify targets." - Dutch Paper: U.S. Will Attack Iran in Weeks,, FL - Sep 1, 2008

"The newspaper quoted a source as saying that the agent was recalled "because the U.S. was thought to be making a decision within weeks to attack Iran with unmanned aircraft."" - Dutch recall spy from Iran fearing U.S. attack, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY - Sep 1, 2008

"One of Iran's top military commanders warns any attack against Iran would start a new world war. Iranian state media reported the comments by Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri Saturday. General Jazayeri says unrestrained greed of the United States and Zionism are pushing the world to "the edge of a precipice." He warned, in the case of an attack, "fake and artificial regimes" would be the first to be eliminated. Iran and the United States have been at odds over Iran's nuclear program. Iran says its atomic program is for peaceful purposes but the U.S. and its allies accuse Iran of working to develop a nuclear weapon. " - Iran Top Military Commander Warns Attack Would Spark World War, Voice of America - Aug 30, 2008

US media is not making this clear:

"Tel Aviv has threatened to launch air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities under the pretext that Tehran, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has plans to develop nuclear weapons.

This is while the UN nuclear watchdog has confirmed that Iran enriches uranium-235 to a level of 3.7 percent - a rate consistent with the construction of a nuclear power plant. Nuclear arms production requires an enrichment level of above 90 percent." - US to Attack Iran 'within weeks' According to Dutch Newspaper, by Jeremy R. Hammond, Tuesday, September 2, 2008

US media repeatedly ignores the distinction between a nuclear power plant and a nuclear weapon when discussing Iran and often leaves a misimpression in the minds of American viewers.

Look how US mainstream media is basically ignoring the news that the 15 British sailors detained by Iran last year were not in Iraqi waters

Media Blackout: The Armada in the Gulf by Gary North