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US Media FAILS to Inform the Public about Looming ILLEGAL Attack which Risks Starting WORLD WAR THREE.

US Media FAILS to Inform the Public about Looming ILLEGAL Attack which Risks Starting WORLD WAR THREE.
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Megawatts and Megatons: The Future of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons

Dutch withdraw spy from Iran because of 'impending US attack'

"The Dutch intelligence service has pulled an agent out of an "ultra-secret operation" spying on Iran's military industry because spymasters in Netherlands believe a United States air attack was imminent," Dutch withdraw spy from Iran because of impending US attack,, United Kingdom - Aug 31, 2008

"The largest newspaper in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf, reported this past weekend that its nation's intelligence agency has been working closely with the CIA to help prepare the U.S. in a planned air attack on Iran.

The front-page story in De Telegraaf, published Friday and headlined "Attack on Iran Imminent," claimed that U.S. military strikes on Iran's nuclear and weapons facilities would happen in weeks.

The paper indicated Holland's military intelligence service (Algemene Inlichtingen-en Veiligheidsdienst, or AIVD), has pulled back from its operations inside Iran helping the U.S. to identify targets." - Dutch Paper: U.S. Will Attack Iran in Weeks,, FL - Sep 1, 2008

"The newspaper quoted a source as saying that the agent was recalled "because the U.S. was thought to be making a decision within weeks to attack Iran with unmanned aircraft."" - Dutch recall spy from Iran fearing U.S. attack, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY - Sep 1, 2008

"One of Iran's top military commanders warns any attack against Iran would start a new world war. Iranian state media reported the comments by Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri Saturday. General Jazayeri says unrestrained greed of the United States and Zionism are pushing the world to "the edge of a precipice." He warned, in the case of an attack, "fake and artificial regimes" would be the first to be eliminated. Iran and the United States have been at odds over Iran's nuclear program. Iran says its atomic program is for peaceful purposes but the U.S. and its allies accuse Iran of working to develop a nuclear weapon. " - Iran Top Military Commander Warns Attack Would Spark World War, Voice of America - Aug 30, 2008

US media is not making this clear:

"Tel Aviv has threatened to launch air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities under the pretext that Tehran, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has plans to develop nuclear weapons.

This is while the UN nuclear watchdog has confirmed that Iran enriches uranium-235 to a level of 3.7 percent - a rate consistent with the construction of a nuclear power plant. Nuclear arms production requires an enrichment level of above 90 percent." - US to Attack Iran 'within weeks' According to Dutch Newspaper, by Jeremy R. Hammond, Tuesday, September 2, 2008

US media repeatedly ignores the distinction between a nuclear power plant and a nuclear weapon when discussing Iran and often leaves a misimpression in the minds of American viewers.

Look how US mainstream media is basically ignoring the news that the 15 British sailors detained by Iran last year were not in Iraqi waters

Media Blackout: The Armada in the Gulf by Gary North

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Anonymous said...

I've been wondering why we stopped hearing about the Armada. Sending Armadas is like invading Russia - proven folly. The Bush administration seems to be showing signs of doing both (when this truth-deficient administration claims that it is sending only humanitarian aid to Georgia, should we believe that?).