Friday, August 29, 2008

Commentary from the comment sections of RepresentativePress's videos

accersitusmaximus writes, "Regarding the truth movement. It's actually mostly about questions. Questions like, why Osama Bin Laden is NOT wanted by the FBI. Questions like why the Bush administration opposed the investigation on 9/11 (441 days). Then you have historical records such as Tonkin lie and the declassified plans of Operation Northwoods. Not to mention "Project for the New American Century" and the oil factor. It's not OK to ask questions? How do you proceed to get some answers?"

My reply: "accersitusmaximus, there are such things as loaded questions. Misleading people is not OK. And bin Laden IS wanted by the FBI, so your "honest" question contained a falsehood."
posted to the video "9/11 Truth Movement" Suppresses Bush Contradiction with Intelligence Agencies: Bush Lies


Anonymous said...

Bin Laden is wanted by the FBI, but not for 9/11.

Go to the link provided for the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists page and you'll see nothing there about Bin Laden and 9/11.

Not that it would make much difference, since BL's been dead for a number of years, but he still provides a convenient stage prop to scare the hell out of us dumbass Americans.

Answer me this: If Bin Laden was still alive, who would you be most afraid to meet in a dark alley, BL or Dick Cheney?

I rest my case.

P.S. Why censor all of the comments on the 60 Minutes censoring of the Wallace interview?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I offer up my apolgies for my dumbass comment about censoring others.

I didn't realize that the original post was back in 2006, and not recently, so that's wy i couldn't find the comments, until i went back in time.

Again, please excuse my ignorance.


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