Friday, February 24, 2023

What the U.S. Bombing of the Nord Stream Pipeline Shows Us

 📢“Planning took place late in 2021” for the Nord Stream bombing and that shows how the U.S. narrative about the Ukraine/Russia conflict is BS‼️ The U.S. goal had been to sabotage natural gas sales between Germany & Russia so the U.S. WANTED a conflict between Ukraine & Russia that U.S. officials could use as a pretext to destroy the gas pipeline.

The U.S. intentionally endangered Russia's security as a way to provoke a response that U.S. planners could then use as an excuse for themselves and other government operatives for carrying out such an extreme act of sabotage. Without the so-called “unprovoked attack” by Russia, U.S. officials wouldn't have an excuse to get U.S. operatives to follow orders for a plan to destroy the gas pipeline.

And if you look at the negotiations, you can see why the U.S. rejected Russia's reasonable security demands, demands that the U.S. expects and gets for what it considers its own security requirements in the Western Hemisphere!

It explains why Zelesnsky was told to publicly pretend that Ukraine would be joining NATO even though they told him that it would not. Zelensky HIMSELF has admitted to perpetrating this deception at the direction of NATO countries.

So the U.S. agenda had been to do whatever it took (and it took Ukraine drastically increasing the bombing of Donbas in mid-Feb 2022) to get Russia to intervene in Ukraine's civil war.

Colonial Jacques Baud is a former member of the Swiss Strategic Intelligence and worked for NATO on a  NATO program to assist the Ukrainian armed forces in restoring their capacities and improving personnel management.

Russia did not start the war in 2022, it was a civil war started by nationalists in 2014 and which the U.S. intentionally refused to help end.

It's why Ukraine continued to refuse to implement the Minsk Agreements (which would have ended the civil war in Ukraine) that Ukraine had signed and which the UN Security Council called for them to implement!

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