Friday, November 13, 2009


YES They Did! Swine Flu (H1N1) Shots for Obama Girls

About the video, "Everything Is OK" by FlyingPigsOK: This stupid video is another example of the misinformation being spread here on Youtube. For example, it claims Obama hasn't had his children vaccinated against the swine flu. It was uploaded Nov 11th, yet two weeks before this video was uploaded, on Oct 27th, the white house website posted this information: "Malia and Sasha were both vaccinated for H1N1 last week, after the vaccine became available to Washington, DC schoolchildren." - Posted on the White House Blog on October 27, 2009
SEVERAL blog posts about vaccines: 
About the biased and poorly framed article that appeared in the Atlantic about vaccines:

Note to those questioning the White House's Oct. 27th statement: The idea isn't to discount every single thing you hear from the White House, there has to be LOGIC. When I say specific things the WH says aren't true, I use something to reference it by, I had REASONS - I pointed to things and judged what was said against that. When I claim a WH statement is a lie, I show why it is a lie, I just don't claim it it is a lie. Do you see  the difference? What specifically is it you are referencing for you to make a conclusion that the White House's Oct. 27th statement is false?