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Israel suspected of being behind AP's dangerous Iran hoax

The news now is that Israel is the one suspected of fabricating intel in order to create an excuse to go after Iran:

 The top article linked above indicates that is was Israel which perpetrated the fraud in order to frame Iran. The hoax was "published by the Associated Press (AP), purported to be an Iranian diagram showing the physics of a nuclear blast, but scientists quickly pointed out an elementary mistake that cast doubt on its significance and authenticity. An article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists declared: "This diagram does nothing more than indicate either slipshod analysis or an amateurish hoax.""

"Western officials say they have reasons to suspect Israel of being behind the most recent leak and a series of previous disclosures from the IAEA investigation, pointing to Israel's impatience at what it sees as international complacency over Iranian nuclear activity."

Keep in mind that there is no evidence Iran has diverted any material from its civilian nuclear power program , a program U.S. media often misrepresent or blur the line with misleading reports which make it seem that a nuclear weapons program is being discussed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There's something extremely wrong going

There's something extremely wrong going on in our country. Jeffrey Goldberg should not be given the platform he is given, especially since he abuses it to deviously protect the racist Zionist agenda and does so ruthlessly. He had the audacity to reply to a woman asking why the terrorists were so angry that they took lessons to fly planes to attack us on 9/11 with BS about anger at "whispering temptation to consume alcohol." The man very clearly has crossed the line and should be fired, he should no longer have a public platform.
See depraved denial of the main motive for the 9/11 attacks:

The above is my reply to an article called "Jeffrey Goldberg, WMD Expert?"

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Defamation (2009) Film by Yoav Shamir

Defamation (2009) Film by Yoav Shamir featuring Abraham Foxman. Highly recommended.

I posted this reply about "anti-Americanism"

Glenn Greenwald has another good article which is called The PSY scandal: singing about killing people v. constantly doing it "Americans would benefit from less outrage at anti-US sentiment and more energy toward understanding why it's so widespread"

 ZeetheGree posted this comment to his article:
Shortly after it happened, there were people in Brazil celebrating Al-Qaeda's attack on the twin towers.
Al-Qaeda of course being an organisation dedicated to conquering societies by violence.
It's pointless complaining that America is using military force in countries disingenuously referred to as Muslim: when the American force is being deployed against extremists whose ambition is to force millions of Muslims to live in a theocratic repression regime.
Anti-Americanism is real. And the problem with it is that it's also anti-intellectually honest. Regardless of the 'bad things' America has done historically.

Here are my replies:

ZeetheGree, you miss the whole point and the motives of Al-Qaeda. They get their support not for what they supposedly may want to establish in the future, they get their support for what they are against.
I totally understand your confusion because just yesterday CNN's Christiane Amanpour once again suppressed motives. In her recent report she reported on the underwear bomber, conspicuously absent was reporting motive: "attack the United States in retaliation for U.S. support of Israel and in retaliation of the killing of innocent and civilian Muslim populations in Palestine, especially in the blockade of Gaza, and in retaliation for the killing of innocent and civilian Muslim populations in Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and beyond, most of them women, children, and noncombatants."
And the suppression of motive across mainstream media AND alternative media (for example Amy Goodman's Democracy Now also suppressed “underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's motive.) clearly has an impact on the opinions people hold about this life and death issue.

I meant to reply directly to you, hope you see my comment (I don't want to be accused of spamming so I won't report it here. I'll just respond to another part of your comment which is "Anti-Americanism is real"
And defining that is important. Would you call Nat Turner's 1831 slave rebellion an expression of "anti-Americanism." The point is, what is dishonest is the lie that people are attacking the U.S. just for being (as opposed to the actions of killing innocent people, for example the aiding and abetting of Israel's crimes.)
Again, as I said in my other comment, I really can see how you could be confused because there has been a massive underreporting of the motives. Look at the mastermind of the 1993 attack on the WTC, sent a letter to the NYT declaring, ‪"This action was done in response for the American political, economical, and military support to Israel the state of terrorism and to the rest of the dictator countries in the region.
‪1 - Stop all military, economical, and‬ ‪political aid to Israel.‬ ‪
2 - All diplomatic relations with Israel‬ ‪must stop.
‬ ‪3 - Not to interfere with any of the‬ ‪Middle East countries interior affairs." ‬
Yet after that‪,‬ ‪NYT Foreign affairs columnist‬ Thomas Friedman ‪denied that there are specific demands in his NYT opinion piece: "The super-empowered angry men have no specific ideological program or demands. Rather, they are driven by a generalized hatred of the U.S., Israel and other supposed enemies of Islam. Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the World Trade Center bombing, was a super-empowered angry man. Osama bin Laden is another."‬(written after '93 attack but before 9/11)

Neoconservative deviousness put us at risk and paved the way for 9/11

We need to so something about this, the neoconservative leaders cannot be allowed to get away with what they did to us:

 "the Aug. 6 document... is not nearly as shocking as the briefs that came before it. The direct warnings to Mr. Bush about the possibility of a Qaeda attack began in the spring of 2001. By May 1, the Central Intelligence Agency told the White House of a report that “a group presently in the United States” was planning a terrorist operation. Weeks later, on June 22, the daily brief reported that Qaeda strikes could be “imminent,” although intelligence suggested the time frame was flexible.

 But some in the administration considered the warning to be just bluster. An intelligence official and a member of the Bush administration both told me in interviews that the neoconservative leaders who had recently assumed power at the Pentagon were warning the White House that the C.I.A. had been fooled; according to this theory,  Bin Laden was merely pretending to be planning an attack to distract the administration from Saddam Hussein, whom the neoconservatives saw as a greater threat. Intelligence officials, these sources said, protested that the idea of Bin Laden, an Islamic fundamentalist, conspiring with Mr. Hussein, an Iraqi secularist, was ridiculous, but the neoconservatives’ suspicions were nevertheless carrying the day.

 In response, the C.I.A. prepared an analysis that all but pleaded with the White House to accept that the danger from Bin Laden was real. “The U.S. is not the target of a disinformation campaign by Usama Bin Laden,” the daily brief of June 29 read, using the government’s transliteration of Bin Laden’s first name. Going on for more than a page, the document recited much of the evidence, including an interview that month with a Middle Eastern journalist in which Bin Laden aides warned of a coming attack," OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR The Deafness Before the Storm By KURT EICHENWALD Published: September 10, 2012

You are not going to get these men to say, "Yeah, we sat back, ignored the warnings, so that when an attack happened we could use it as a pretext for our agenda to attack Iraq." BUT their excuses for why the President should ignore the warnings he was being given are so contrived and self-serving that it basically exposes what they were up to. This isn't over, people still have to pay for what they did to us. Remember that the Iraq War agenda is so devious that the very excuse President Bush gave for attacking Iraq is a flat out provable lie! (a lie that the media has deviously avoided pointing out) That lie specifically is the claim that Saddam didn't let the inspectors in.

Also see: for this: (and the agenda was so dirty that they STILL won't release all the PDBs Bush received before 9/11! Look for yourself) (STILL NOT MADE PUBLIC!) "That is, unless it was read in conjunction with the daily briefs preceding Aug. 6, the ones the Bush administration would not release. While those documents are still not public, I have read excerpts from many of them, along with other recently declassified records, and come to an inescapable conclusion: the administration’s reaction to what Mr. Bush was told in the weeks before that infamous briefing reflected significantly more negligence than has been disclosed."

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Israel Continues to Attack Palestinian Fishermen

Last night I just became aware of the extent that Israel shoots at Palestinian fishermen! I was reading this article: "Refusing to Acquiesce in Gaza by JOSHUA BROLLIER" at the Counterpunch website and learned "Since November 26th, 2012, 15 fishermen have been arrested and 6 boats destroyed. " the text in that article links to this article: "15 Fishermen Arrested and 6 Fishing Boats Confiscated and Destroyed The Continued Attacks against Palestinian Fishermen Prove False Israeli Claims of Permitting Fishermen to Fish up to 6 Nautical Miles"

More from Refusing to Acquiesce in Gaza by JOSHUA BROLLIER:
"To “carry on” in Gaza does not mean returning to predictable routines or a reasonable set of expectations of calmness in what amounts to everyday life in most parts of the world.  This is exceptionally true for Palestinian fishermen who return to the daily struggle with the Israeli Navy to fish in waters that are rightfully theirs.

There has been no ceasefire for these men who bravely attempt to exercise not only their legal rights, but perhaps more urgently, the human right to fulfil the most basic of needs, such as feeding their families and paying rent.  Since November 26th, 2012, 15 fishermen have been arrested and 6 boats destroyed."
 I started looking and found things like this: Israelis kill Palestinian fisherman in Gaza: medics (AFP) – Sep 29, 2012  GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories — The Israeli navy killed a Palestinian fisherman and wounded another in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical officials said on Saturday.

 The Continued Attacks against Palestinian Fishermen Prove False Israeli Claims of Permitting Fishermen to Fish up to 6 Nautical Miles. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns Israel's violations against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip, which continue in spite of the Israeli authorities' announcement of allowing the fishermen to fish up to 6 nautical miles off the Gaza shore.

And Israel killing Palestinian fishermen has been a continuing crime: Israeli navy kills Gaza fisherman (Aljazeera, Sept. 24, 2010) The U.S. media didn't make me aware of this. I can see why they would what to suppress it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Why Israel Desires to be Hated by Palestinians

Why Israel Desires to be Hated by Palestinians by OREN BEN-DOR "Israel has already created a de facto single state between the river and the sea, albeit one which suffers from several apartheid systems, one within Israel and another in the occupied territories. We must not let Israeli aggression prevent us from treating as moderate and realistic proposals to turn this single state into one where all would have equal rights." Oren Ben-Dor grew up in the State of Israel. This should be part of the discourse even if it is dangerous for those who may attempt to discuss it, even with the threat that Zionist zealots might unleash even more violence. Thanks to BCAIlisons on Youtube for posting quotes to it on the video
If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Had ambulances not been prevented from reaching him for several hours.

"On November 4, the Israeli army shot dead a young Palestinian man inside Gaza as he was reported to have approached the fence. Palestinians say he was mentally unfit and that he could have been saved by medics had ambulances not been prevented from reaching him for several hours." Jonathan Cook: Why Gaza must suffer again 18 NOVEMBER 2012 By Jonathan Cook – 18 Nov 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Media Malpractice Masks Israel's Atrocities

Media Malpractice Masks Israel's Atrocities Against Gaza
Almost Obsolete to try to lay blame

Mainstream media fails to report

Mainstream media fails to report on atrocities against Gaza

Almost Obsolete to try to lay blame
While countries across Europe and North America commemorated military casualties of past and present wars on November 11, Israel was targeting civilians.
On November 12, waking up to a new week, readers at breakfast were flooded with heart rending accounts of past and current military casualties. There was, however, no or little mention of the fact that the majority of casualties of modern day wars are civilians. There was also hardly any mention on the morning of November 12 of military attacks on Gaza that continued throughout the weekend.
A cursory scan confirms this for Canada's CBC, Globe and Mail, Montreal's Gazette, and theToronto Star. Equally, for the New York Times and for the BBC.
According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) report on Sunday November 11, five Palestinian civilians including three children had been killed in the Gaza strip in the previous 72 hours, in addition to two Palestinian security personnel. Four of the deaths occurred as a result of Israeli military firing artillery shells on youngsters playing soccer. Moreover, 52 civilians had been wounded, of which six were women and 12 were children. (Since we began composing this text, the Palestinian death toll has risen, and continues to rise.)
Articles that do report on the killings overwhelmingly focus on the killing of Palestinian security personnel. For example, an Associated Press article published in the CBC world news on November 13, entitled 'Israel mulls resuming targeted killings of Gaza militants,' mentions absolutely nothing of civilian deaths and injuries. It portrays the killings as 'targeted assassinations.' The fact that casualties have overwhelmingly been civilians indicates that Israel is not so much engaged in "targeted" killings, as in "collective" killings, thus once again committing the crime of collective punishment.
Another AP item on CBC news from November 12 reads 'Gaza rocket fire raises pressure on Israel government.' It features a photo of an Israeli woman gazing on a hole in her living room ceiling. Again, no images, nor mention of the numerous bleeding casualties or corpses in Gaza. Along the same lines, a BBC headline on November 12 reads 'Israel hit by fresh volley of rockets from Gaza.' Similar trends can be illustrated for European mainstream papers.
Furthermore, articles that do mention the Palestinian casualties in Gaza consistently report that Israeli operations are in response to rockets from Gaza and to the injuring of Israeli soldiers. However, the chronology of events of the recent flare-up began on November 5, when an innocent, apparently mentally unfit, 20-year old man, Ahmad al-Nabaheen, was shot when he wandered close to the border. Medics had to wait for six hours to be permitted to pick him up and they suspect that he may have died because of that delay.
News items overwhelmingly focus on the rockets that have been fired from Gaza, none of which have caused human casualties. What is not in focus are the shellings and bombardments on Gaza, which have resulted in numerous severe and fatal casualties. It doesn't take an expert in media science to understand that what we are facing is at best shoddy and skewed reporting, and at worst willfully dishonest manipulation of the readership.
Then, on November 8, a 13-year-old boy playing football in front of his house was killed by fire from the IOF that had moved into Gazan territory with tanks as well as helicopters. The wounding of four Israeli soldiers at the border on November 10 was therefore already part of a chain of events where Gazan civilians had been killed, and not the triggering event. 
We, the signatories, have recently returned from a visit to the Gaza strip. Some among us are now connected to Palestinians living in Gaza through social media. For two nights in a row Palestinians in Gaza were prevented from sleeping through continued engagement of drones, F16s, and indiscriminate bombings of various targets inside the densely populated Gaza strip. The intent of this is clearly to terrorise the population, successfully so, as we can ascertain from our friends' reports. If it was not for Facebook postings, we would not be aware of the degree of terror felt by ordinary Palestinian civilians in Gaza. This stands in stark contrast to the world's awareness of terrorised and shock-treated Israeli citizens.
An extract of a report sent by a Canadian medic who happened to be in Gaza and helped out in Shifa hospital ER over the weekend says: "the wounded were all civilians with multiple puncture wounds from shrapnel: brain injuries, neck injuries, hemo-pneumo thorax, pericardial tamponade, splenic rupture, intestinal perforations, slatted limbs, traumatic amputations. All of this with no monitors, few stethoscopes, one ultrasound machine. …. Many people with serious but non life threatening injuries were sent home to be re-assessed in the morning due to the sheer volume of casualties. The penetrating shrapnel injuries were spooky. Tiny wounds with massive internal injuries. … There was very little morphine for analgesia." 
Apparently such scenes are not newsworthy for the New York Times, the CBC, or the BBC. 
Bias and dishonesty with respect to the oppression of Palestinians is nothing new in Western media and has been widely documented. Nevertheless, Israel continues its crimes against humanity with full acquiescence and financial, military and moral support from our governments, the U.S., Canada and the EU.
Netanyahu is currently garnering Western diplomatic support for additional operations in Gaza, which makes us worry that another Cast Lead may be on the horizon. In fact, the very recent events are confirming such an escalation has already begun, as today's death-count climbs. The lack of widespread public outrage at these crimes is a direct consequence of the systematic way in which the facts are withheld and/or of the skewed way these crimes are portrayed. 
We wish to express our outrage at the reprehensible media coverage of these acts in the mainstream (corporate) media.
We call on journalists around the world working for corporate media outlets to refuse to be instruments of this systematic policy of disguise. We call on citizens to inform themselves through independent media, and to voice their conscience by whichever means is accessible to them.  

Hagit Borer, U.K.
Antoine Bustros, Canada
Noam Chomsky, U.S.
David Heap, Canada
Stephanie Kelly, Canada
Máire Noonan, Canada
Philippe Prévost, France
Verena Stresing, France
Laurie Tuller, France

Monday, October 29, 2012

Obama and Romney pushed by the media

Obama and Romney pushed on us by a mainstream media hostile to our rights

  See Inside Job (2010) on DVD

See Inside Job (2010) on Blu-ray

It really is a disgrace that the media isn't making this clear to the public. Think about the arrogance at work here, Romney can pick Glenn Hubbard, a man exposed in the movie Inside Job, and he can get away with it because mainstream media really isn't doing the job many Americans assume it would be doing when a vulgar choice is made as far as the chief economic adviser. This is arrogance of power, this creep was getting paid to push policies which are the reason the economy crashed in the first place!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glenn Hubbard?!?

I am working on a video about Glenn Hubbard who is increadibly the chief economic adviser to Mitt Romney! Hubbard is the former Chief Economic Adviser to President Bush. Hubbard's the guy who pushed the very policies and practices which tanked the economy! He got paid to write papers praising the very things that caused the economy to crash! It is insane that people are considering this path again! Mass media is guilty of journalistic malpractice because this situation shouldn't be happening. This is another example of why we desperately need to formally establish a representative press which by design will have the American people's interests built into it. It is unacceptable for the current mainstream media to act like it's even close to reasonable to consider the Romney economic plan crafted by the same people who are guilty of pushing the very things that just recently severely damaged our economy so bad that we still haven't completely recovered.

There are other people we can vote for, seriously, no one should be voting for Romney and if anyone is it is clear the media has really let them down. If people are relying on the nighlty news to understand the economic situation then they really have been taken advantage of by the powers that be. This sistuation is sickening given how bad the economy crahsed in 2008.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Violating Your Political Rights in 2012 Election

Violating Your Political Rights in 2012 Election SEE PARTS 1 and 2

In no part of the constitution is more wisdom to be found

"In no part of the constitution is more wisdom to be found, than in the clause which confides the question of war or peace to the legislature, and not to the executive department. Beside the objection to such a mixture to heterogeneous powers, the trust and the temptation would be too great for any one man; not such as nature may offer as the prodigy of many centuries, but such as may be expected in the ordinary successions of magistracy. War is in fact the true nurse of executive aggrandizement. In war, a physical force is to be created; and it is the executive will, which is to direct it. In war, the public treasures are to be unlocked; and it is the executive hand which is to dispense them. In war, the honours and emoluments of office are to be multiplied; and it is the executive patronage under which they are to be enjoyed. It is in war, finally, that laurels are to be gathered; and it is the executive brow they are to encircle. The strongest passions and most dangerous weaknesses of the human breast; ambition, avarice, vanity, the honourable or venial love of fame, are all in conspiracy against the desire and duty of peace." - James Madison, Letters of Helvidius, nos. 1--4 24 Aug. -- 14 Sept. 1793

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Is Iran Trying To Tell Us Something We Won’t Hear?

"Iranian nuclear experts are also offering compromise proposals reported by IPS journalist Gareth Porter but not yet any major media outlets: “Iran has again offered to halt its enrichment of uranium to 20 percent, which the United States has identified as its highest priority in the nuclear talks, in return for easing sanctions against Iran, according to Iran's permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Ali Asghar Soltanieh, who has conducted Iran's negotiations with the IAEA in Tehran and Vienna, revealed in an interview with IPS that Iran had made the offer at the meeting between EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton and Iran's leading nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili in Istanbul Sept. 19.” And so, there are clearly initiatives underway to build bridges, but so far, media outlets, eager to fan the flames of confrontation and polarization, have ignored them. Is it ignorance or something worse?" Danny Schechter writes in his article "Is Iran Trying To Tell Us Something We Won’t Hear?"

Something worse Danny, we cannot trust the media, they are getting people killed and are going to get more people killed if we don't do things to end their domination of our country's public discourse.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

No Evidence Iran Diverted Any Nuclear Material

IAEA Report: No Evidence Iran Diverted Any Nuclear Material for a Nuclear Weapons Program Mainstream media is trying to sell another war because they are misrepresenting the latest International Atomic Energy Agency report. What that report actually says is there is no evidence that Iran has diverted any material for a nuclear weapons program. There is no evidence that Iran has diverted any material for a weapons program. And even more important: Much of Iran's uranium stockpile has been converted into a form that would be very difficult to use in a nuclear weapon.

Monday, August 20, 2012

State of Israel Opposed

State of Israel Opposed by Authentic Rabbis
Yisroel Dovid Weiss speaks outside Washington DC convention center where AIPAC is holding its annual conference. May 23, 2005 photo by Carolmooredc CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Thursday, August 09, 2012

What logical and honest people call “knowing the motive for a crime,”

Superman1, I don't rely on a single quote from bin Laden, the reason I cite that particular one is because it was available on the Reuters newswire (on the morning of 9/11) and nearly all the media suppressed the part that mentioned Israel. I found Dan Rather stopping himself before reading it. I found two brief mentions on TV on 9/11. But as far as what logical and honest people can know to be perpetrators' motives for any crime, we can know it for this crime, arguably the most famous crime in U.S. history. And I have looked at dozens of sources, I made it my mission to understand the motives for 9/11 and I know the motives as far as what logical and honest people call “knowing the motive for a crime,” so don't make it as if this is some particularly unknowable thing. A lot of research and reporting by people all over the world has focused on 9/11 and looking at everything I have seen, I agree with U.S. intelligence agencies as far as what they have said the motives were for 9/11. The perpetrators identify with the oppressed Palestinians and are outraged at U.S. support of Israel which is doing the oppressing and they wanted to punish and stop the U.S. for supporting Israel's killing of Palestinians. They were also outraged at U.S. support for other oppressive regimes in the Middle East.

The two terrorist pilots who crashed the two planes into the WTC shared the same motivation. Mohammed Atta, who flew into WTC 1, was described by one Ralph Bodenstein, who traveled, worked and talked with him, as “most imbued actually about Israeli politics in the region and about U.S. protection of these Israeli politics in the region. And he was to a degree personally suffering from that.” Marwan al-Shehhi, the pilot who flew into WTC 2, was focused on the same thing, “when someone asked why he and Atta never laughed, Shehhi retorted, “How can you laugh when people are dying in Palestine?”" - page 162 The 9/11 Commission Report

Ahmed Al Haznawi, a hijacker aboard Flight 93, said in his video will, “Here is Palestine for more than a half-century, its wound has continued to bleed.

 The 9/11 Commission reported on the motive of the “mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks.” On page 147 of the 9/11 Commission Report, it says “By his own account, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's animus toward the United States stemmed not from his experiences there as a student, but rather from his violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel. ” Also, in the “Outline of the 9/11 Plot, Staff Statement No. 16”, from the 9/11 Commission: “Atta was chosen as the emir, or leader, of the mission. He met with Bin Ladin to discuss the targets: the World Trade Center, which represented the U.S. economy; the Pentagon, a symbol of the U.S. military; and the U.S. Capitol, the perceived source of U.S. policy in support of Israel.” [Note: This part of the Staff Statement No. 16, the part mentioning Israel, didn't make it to the final 9/11 Report and we know why]

Ramzi Yousef, the 1993 WTC bomber, was motivated to attack the US because of US support of Israel: He had no other motivation, no other issue. Yousef said he took no thrill from killing American citizens and felt guilty about the civilian deaths he had caused. But his conscience was overridden by his desire to stop the killing of Arabs by Israeli troops. Yousef wasn't even particularly religious and his letter to the NYT made no mention of religion: This action was done in response for the American political, economical, and military support to Israel the state of terrorism and to the rest of the dictator countries in the region.

It is also the same motive that Mir Aimal Kasi had for killing CIA employees Frank Darling and Lansing Bennett outside CIA headquarters in Langley,Virginia in 1993 . Mir Aimal Kasi said, What I did was a retaliation against the US government for American policy in the Middle East and its support of Israel.

In 1984, Jamal Ismail met Osama bin Laden,I knew from the beginning that [bin Laden] was not willing to drink any soft drinks from American companies, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Sprite, 7-Up. He was trying to boycott all American products because he believed that without Americans, Israel cannot exist.

Someone approached me in the mosque as I was praying, and started to talk to me about injustice in the Middle East, the poverty, our impotence in the face of Israel. He made me want to listen to him - to find a solution. At first these people don't talk about violence. They concentrate on how much injustice America has caused in the world and how to get rid of this unfairness. They mention Palestine, they call on you to uphold your national dignity, to defend people, and suggest for that you must sacrifice yourself. Then your people will live after you and will always remember you." The young man, himself an Egyptian, speaking in the privacy of a quite courtyard in Cairo, believed this was the way Mohamed Atta was approached. Al-Qaeda by Jane Corbin p125

There is no evidence that bin Laden wasn't actually angered by the specific foreign policies he complained about. It is extremely unlikely that bin Laden didn't actually object to the specific foreign policies he complained about since millions and millions of other people object to the same policies, by what logic would it make sense that bin Laden would have been in an extremely small minority who isn't angered by U.S. support of Israel?

Superman1 replied that he "doesn't buy it" and complains, "you can quote all the government reports you want. ..."

I respond:
 Ralph Bodenstein (who traveled, worked and talked with Mohammed Atta) is not a "government report". Ahmed Al Haznawi's video will is not a "government report." And neither are several other examples I cite. Did you read the rest of my post at my blog? I think you are being dishonest and are trying to misdirect Americans away from understanding the main motive for the attack: anger at U.S. support of Israel. What you do with blog posts, powerful people are doing to the American people. Thomas Friedman lied when he claimed there were no specific grievances, this is after the 1993 attack were they sent a letter to the NYT explaining: “This action was done in response for the American political, economical, and military support to Israel the state of terrorism and to the rest of the dictator countries in the region.”

 The cat is out of the bag, the two top commissioners admitted: "This was sensitive ground. Commissioners who argued that al Qaeda was motivated primarily by a religious ideology - and not by opposition to American policies - rejected mentioning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the report. In their view, listing U.S. support for Israel as a root cause of al Qaeda's opposition to the United States indicated that the United States should reassess that policy. "

 And we can see how evidence specifically mentioning the word Israel would be omitted so that the word Israel didn't make it into the report several times from the source materials and the importance was intentionally downplayed.

 Another example of deviousness: The movie Path to 9/11 FABRICATED Fatwa quotes in order to trick the public into thinking the attacks were about a demand to convert to Islam. They had an actor reading what he said was bin Laden's fatwa yet they fabricated words and didn't read what it said about Israel.

 Another example of deviousness: Friedman lies about bin Laden's motives. Friedman claims, "the fact is that bin Laden never focused on this issue. He only started talking about "Palestine" after September 11, when he sensed that he might be losing the support of the Arab street. " (p311 of Longitudes & Attitudes ) and " Osama bin Laden never mentioned the Palestinian cause as motivating his actions until he felt he was losing support in the Arab world. " (p361-362 of Longitudes & Attitudes ) What Friedman has written is a flat out lie. To give just one example that disproves what Friedman wrote: "Your position against Muslims in Palestine is despicable and disgraceful. America has no shame. " - Osama bin Laden May 1998 

You write, "I have read scores of government reports; most had pre-determined conclusions designed to sway a certain segment of the public." Really? meanwhile I have shown the pattern where they worked to downplay or suppress the main motive and we can see their dishonest works. Maybe a simpler answer is you feel it necessary to cover for Israel because you are ignoring all the evidence?

Monday, July 09, 2012


VILE HYPOCRISY EXPOSED by reporter doing his job. "remarkably revealing exchange"!

Rare reporter dares to challenge (even about ISRAEL) U.S. foreign policy hypocrisy! See transcript below [or click CC above]

"Associated Press’ Matt Lee is one of those rare reporters who frequently challenges U.S. foreign policy hypocrisy, both in general and, even more rarely, as it pertains to the nation’s support for Israel." As Glenn Greenwald points out, "a remarkably revealing exchange."

Check it out in context.

VICTORIA NULAND, spokesperson for State Department: Listen, before we leave Syria, I just want to take the opportunity, if you didn’t see it, to draw your attention to the Human Rights Watch report that was released today that identifies some 27 detention centers that Human Rights Watch says Syrian Government intelligence agencies have been using since the Assad crackdown on pro-democracy protestors. The report found that tens of thousands of Syrians are in detention by regime security and intelligence agencies and that the regime is carrying out inexplicable, horrific acts of torture, including – well, I’m not going to repeat them here, but I’ll leave it to you to read the report. And, you know, in many cases, the Human Rights Watch asserts that even children have been subject to torture by the Assad regime.

AP reporter Matt Lee: Do you see that report as credible and solid, and you’re putting – you’re endorsing it? I mean, you’re saying --

Victoria Nuland: We have no reason to believe that it is not credible. It’s based on eyewitness accounts, and they’re reporting from a broad cross-section of human rights figures inside Syria.

Matt Lee: So the next time Human Rights Watch comes out with a report that’s critical of Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians, I’ll assume that you’re going to be saying the same thing, correct; that you think that the report is credible, it’s based on eyewitness accounts?

Victoria Nuland: Uh, as --

Matt Lee: And you’re not going to say that it’s politically motivated and should be dismissed?

Victoria Nuland: You know Matt, as you have made clear again and again in this room, we are not always consistent.

Matt Lee: So, in other words, anything that Human Rights Watch says that is critical of someone you don’t like, that’s okay; but once they criticize someone that you do like, then it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on?

Victoria Nuland: Uh, Matt, I’m not going to get into colloquy on this one. Goyal.

India Globe reporter Raghubit Goyal: India.

Victoria Nuland: Yeah.

Raghubit Goyal: As far as India-Pakistan relations are con-

How much longer are we going to allow our government to act like this?

To perpetrate this vile hypocrisy? And it's this vile hypocrisy that's getting Americans killed. Let's work together to expose and end this hypocrisy. Please use the tools below to share this video. Don't make a copy of it, use the tools below to share this video. Please subscribe, join the email list, twitter, Facebook. Click here for more videos.

Daily Press Briefing - July 3, 2012 U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing by Spokesperson Victoria Nuland in Washington, DC.

Thanks to Matt Lee for pointing out the hypocrisy and Glenn Greenwald and Philip Weiss

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Where were YOU

(In response to this question: "Where were YOU when the two white guys, Deadeye and Codpiece, were in office? Cuddausedya to spread the word back then."):

 I was right here in America, trying to get the very same message out. I was walking the streets of NYC with this sign trying to get the truth out. I was posting flyers around NYC in Union Square mainly ONLY TO HAVE MANY RIPPED DOWN! (one of them with only the part mentioning Israel ripped off and leaving the rest of the flyer) I was protesting the planed war on Afghanistan, marching with thousands of others uptown in a protest march against the Afghanistan war. I noticed the press were not covering it (and we were right near the NYT so I went into the lobby and complained to someone and they had me talk to someone upstairs on the phone and I asked why weren't they covering the march. I also asked them why they were ignoring the analysis of people like Noam Chomsky as far as the motives for the terrorist attack on 9/11. The NYT, along with major media, violated the social contract in this country by EITHER NOT REPORTING THE MARCH  OR UNDERREPORING IT. * UPDATE: During research for video of the march (which I didn't see covered on TV) I did find out that Amy Goodman corrects her statement about the NYT not reporting at all and says that there is an article on page B12 (So it turns out to be an example of underreporting given the importants of 10,000 people marching in protest) They violated our dignity, this system is bullshit. There is extreme deception being perpetrated on the public, the NYT is nowhere close ideologically to what people are constantly being led to believe. To put the coverage of such a large march back on to page B12 about a protest march where thousands marched in NYC is an extreme violation and exposes the powers that be as the ruthless underhanded thugs that they are. They have no respect for the people, it's all about elite power. One of the most vicious violations of our dignity is when the mainstream media fed us the self-serving lie that we were attacked because of our freedoms.

They new damn well why we were attacked, in fact, in the years since, I have looked at the broadcast footage and discovered that Tom Brokaw slipped and read the news of the motive on the morning of 9/11 when he apparently read straight from the Reuters news wire: "Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden warned three weeks ago that he and his followers would carry out an unprecedented attack on U.S. interests for its support of Israel, an Arab journalist with access to him said Tuesday."(He starts reading it at 11:06 AM by saying, "We have a report here that ...") I think its clear that in the heat of the moment, Tom Brokaw slipped and reported the news because neither Tom Brokaw nor NBC made mention of the motive for the rest of the day and evening of 9/11 and onward, as you may know, this pattern continued. You can see right here in this video Dan Rather showing how a pro can continue the suppression even in the heat of the moment,  watch as he self censors himself and doesn't make the same slip of reporting the news as Brokaw did on the morning of 9/11. (Remember Tom Brokaw continued on air through to the evening and motive was not mentioned by him again nor did Andrea Mitchell report it to the public.)

And it looks like Tom Brokaw doesn't want to admit to himself that he betrayed his country by playing along with the suppression of the motive for the worst attack on the U.S. in U.S. history because his Apr 13, 2011 question for a world leader was asking Osama bin Laden why he attacked on 9/11.