Sunday, December 02, 2012

Israel Continues to Attack Palestinian Fishermen

Last night I just became aware of the extent that Israel shoots at Palestinian fishermen! I was reading this article: "Refusing to Acquiesce in Gaza by JOSHUA BROLLIER" at the Counterpunch website and learned "Since November 26th, 2012, 15 fishermen have been arrested and 6 boats destroyed. " the text in that article links to this article: "15 Fishermen Arrested and 6 Fishing Boats Confiscated and Destroyed The Continued Attacks against Palestinian Fishermen Prove False Israeli Claims of Permitting Fishermen to Fish up to 6 Nautical Miles"

More from Refusing to Acquiesce in Gaza by JOSHUA BROLLIER:
"To “carry on” in Gaza does not mean returning to predictable routines or a reasonable set of expectations of calmness in what amounts to everyday life in most parts of the world.  This is exceptionally true for Palestinian fishermen who return to the daily struggle with the Israeli Navy to fish in waters that are rightfully theirs.

There has been no ceasefire for these men who bravely attempt to exercise not only their legal rights, but perhaps more urgently, the human right to fulfil the most basic of needs, such as feeding their families and paying rent.  Since November 26th, 2012, 15 fishermen have been arrested and 6 boats destroyed."
 I started looking and found things like this: Israelis kill Palestinian fisherman in Gaza: medics (AFP) – Sep 29, 2012  GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories — The Israeli navy killed a Palestinian fisherman and wounded another in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical officials said on Saturday.

 The Continued Attacks against Palestinian Fishermen Prove False Israeli Claims of Permitting Fishermen to Fish up to 6 Nautical Miles. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns Israel's violations against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip, which continue in spite of the Israeli authorities' announcement of allowing the fishermen to fish up to 6 nautical miles off the Gaza shore.

And Israel killing Palestinian fishermen has been a continuing crime: Israeli navy kills Gaza fisherman (Aljazeera, Sept. 24, 2010) The U.S. media didn't make me aware of this. I can see why they would what to suppress it.

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Laurent said...

sort of related:

Interesting about the waters around Palestine, there's apparently tens of billions of dollars worth of natural gas off of the shore of Gaza which the Israelis have been blocking commercial access to for "fear the money will go to Hamas".

Also, there's a tiny little known story I came across a while ago regarding the Dead Sea... I don't pay much attention to Rothschild conspiracies, but there is a notion as to why the state of israel had to be in Palestine and not in Uganda or Manadgascar (as the Lihud and the Germans had intended) or on the edge of south eastern Russia (as Stalin suggested, actually that state is established as a Jewish Republic even today)... it says that Herzl and Rothschild knew very well about the rich mineral deposits in the Dead Sea, estimated at five hundred billion dollars worth and that this is perhaps the long term plan behind the creation of the state of israel in the beginning.

Any info on this, or on the natural gas from Gaza?