Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Video

CLICK HERE TO SEE LARGER: Happy New Year by RepresentativePress
Cartoon showing baby representing New Year 1905 chasing old man 1904 into history. 

Regarding the version on YouTube: (UPDATE 12/30 3:40PM: I restored the audio when YouTube monetized this. This video was a test and YouTube failed again by failing to monetize this video. It was suggested to me if this happened again to remove the audio and give a link to the video over at Daily Motion: )
Link to cartoon:

Sunday, December 06, 2015

If we're going to get killed, they're going to get killed back.

From NYT article Published: September 12, 2001 By LAURIE GOODSTEIN

"Yasser Ahmed, manager of an Arab-owned candy and grocery store on Broadway in Upper Manhattan, said about 10 people had come in shouting, ''You guys did it!'' and other accusations.

At an Arab-owned grocery store on West 177 Street, a shouting match erupted among customers when a Palestinian woman blamed American support of Israel for the terrorism.

''I'm Arabic and Palestinian and I have just one thing to say,'' said Yasmeen Hindi, 19, a customer at Uptown Deli Grocery. ''I feel bad, but Americans have to understand something: If we're going to get killed, they're going to get killed back. Stop supporting the Israelis.'' "