Sunday, September 13, 2015

With regard to the towers

There are no "problems" with the collapse. With regard to the towers, the very signs of a fire-induced collapse which David Ray Griffin says would be there in a fire-induced collapse WHERE EVIDENT (he is just ignorant of them or suppresses them) With the towers, we can see inward bowing of exterior load bearing columns well before the collapse. We can see that the inward bowing progressed over time until the point of failure.: 

The very first video I uploaded to YouTube which should have put an end to David Ray Griffin's ignorant claims several years ago :‪‬
The very same area that we can see in a photo here: ‪‬
 then you can see that the bowing has progressed in a photo here:  ‪
Then you can see that very same bowed in area where it reaches the point of total failure in this video here:‬
We can see the early stages of the bowing in the two pictures linked above and then we can see how that bowed in area reaches the point of total failure in the video linked above.

All these conspiracies about "controlled demolition" are a misdirection from the MAIN motive for the attack which was anger at US support of Israel. People in positions of power such as journalists, pundits and politicians have suppressed or downplayed or lied about the main motive for the attack. THAT game is what "9/11 Truth" helps by having people fixate on a collapse when the point is WHY was the attack perpetrated and I have show how the two top commissioners admitted that their concern over protecting the the policy of supporting Israel, keeping the public from reevaluating that policy, is what concerned them more than fulfilling their mandate to give a full accounting.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

New Twitter Header

 Image by Aaron Durand (@everydaydude) for Twitter, Inc. Adapted by Tom Murphy for @RepPress

Friday, September 04, 2015

Whites Only Soap Dispenser Debunked

UPDATE CORRECTION: Black hand DOESN'T touch the sensor, it is touching where the "low refill" light is located. (That's the flashing red light you see at the base of the dispenser.) I still think the most likely explanation is user error and I do want to point out (as I say in the video) that the diagram I show is for a different soap dispenser. I found the instruction sheet in a reddit post ( ) for this TC soap dispenser. What it shows is that the sensor is not at the base of the unit: So I made a mistake in assuming that what he was touching was the sensor. I think this info jibes with the idea that the person with the black hand is at the wrong angle for the device to work. The "Flashing red light indicates low refill" so that isn't even the sensor.