Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ask Steve to Change the "You Choose '08" page. See Renetto's Interview with Nader

SEE VIDEO: Ask Steve to Change the "You Choose '08" page. See Renetto's Interview with Nader

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Renetto makes some excellent points in the video description of his latest video:

"Following the example of the Commission on Presidential Debates, a corporation established by the Republican and Democratic parties, YouTube is presenting the two corporate nominees as the only candidates running for president on their You Choose '08 page. How can we allow private interests to limit what voters are exposed to on a supposedly user-driven site where the word "you" is right in the name?

The exclusion of candidates like Ralph Nader is tantamount to a political endorsement of the two corporate parties by YouTube. Please contact Steve Grove, director of the You Choose '08 platform, telling him politely that you'd like to see the You Choose page changed to have Ralph Nader and all other serious candidates running for president equally represented. YouTube users must make it clear that they are against the deceitful practices of placing certain candidates which do not adequately represent their interests at an advantage above those which do.

You can also pledge your support for the democratic values of the Nader/Gonzalez campaign by visiting Contribute to the restoration of your civil liberties and constitutional protections. The money drive ends on the 27th, so please act now."

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