Thursday, August 05, 2004

"But you failed to answer my question as to the likely treatment of Jews in the Gaza strip. It's a simple question; compared to Arabs in Israel, would they be treated better, the same or worse? Come along now, Thomas, no shilly-shallying otherwise our reader might think you're avoiding an answer! "

What the **** are they even doing there? For God sakes, are there one set of rules for Zionists and another for the entire world? You know damn well that under International Law the settlements in the occupied territories are illegal. You want to insist on barring Arabs from returning to their homes in Israel (the Right of Return that Israel dishonestly stated it would uphold) AND AT THE SAME TIME insist that Jews should be allowed to violate International Law by settling in the occupied territories. Are you guys trying to win the biggest assholes of all time award? You think people shouldn't be anrgy towards people who are doing this shit? You find it strange that someone would be angry at people that do this to them?

I take your point, Thomas, that Arabs in Israel may not receive quite the same treatment as Jews.

I would think at some point you would be embarrassed to have Jews create so much human misery in the so called "Holy Land." Why in God's name do you Zionists insist on doing this? Seriously, you sit like an ass in England obnoxiously insisting on a "Jewish State" in Palestine. How primitive are you? Do you realize how many lives people like you have ruined and how many lives you have ended all for this fanatical racist agenda? Is it so horrible to be expected to live as others are expected to live, respecting the civil rights of others and not imposing a religious nightmare upon them?

Your fellow Zionist ruthlessly ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of people (refusing for decades to let them back to their homes) because they were the "wrong" religion in order to create the "demographic purity" of an overwhelming Jewish majority.

THEN ON TOP OF THAT you sickminded freaks insist on moving into predominantly Arab areas which are the occupied territories??????? You killed and injured God knows how many people to make the population "acceptable" to Jewish Zionist sensibilities yet not satisfied with that, and undermining the whole God damn premise of the Jewish majority you insisted on, you miserable shits insist on moving Jewish families INTO the occupied territories! ****! What the **** is wrong with you?

It is like a **** spoiled brat from hell that is compelled to be as nasty and unreasonable as he possibly can. Aren't you embarrassed by this behavior? What kind of person are you? And what kills me is Americans are paying an enormous price for this bullshit. 3,000 Americans killed on 9/11 is not enough for you?

The settlements in the occupied territories are illegal.

"the civilian settlements in the territories occupied by Israel do not appear to be consistent with these limits on Israel's authority as belligerent occupant in that they do not seem intended to be of limited duration or established to provide orderly government of the territories"

"Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, August 12, 1949, 6 UST 3516, provides, in paragraph 6: The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies."

"Paragraph 6 appears to apply by its terms to any transfer by an occupying power of parts of its civilian population, whatever the objective and whether involuntary or voluntary"

"The Israeli civilian settlements thus appear to constitute a "transfer of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies" within the scope of paragraph 6"

"It has been suggested that the principles of belligerent occupation, including Article 49, paragraph 6, of the Fourth Geneva Convention, may not apply in the West Bank and Gaza because Jordan and Egypt were not the respective legitimate sovereigns of these territories. However, those principles appear applicable whether or not Jordan and Egypt possessed legitimate sovereign rights in respect of those territories. Protecting the reversionary interest of an ousted sovereign is not their sole or essential purpose; the paramount purposes are protecting the civilian population of an occupied territory and reserving permanent territorial changes, if any, until settlement of the conflict"
Opinion of the Office of the Legal Advisor, Department of State, Declaring that Israeli Settlements are Inconsistent with International Law, April 21, 1978

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