Friday, August 20, 2004


"passerby" claims, "Oh, OK, but see, somehow you concentrate exclusively on Israel"

That is obviously false since a look at the posts I have posted shows several subjects. What you wrote is not true.

even though, warts and all, compared to any nearby country it's a piece of paradise.

you are not looking at it.For a reason of ethier blind following of the status quo or intentional deviousness.
I can't know for sure but "somehow" the very first thing you posted was a fabrication.
So this is important to you to shoot down criticisms of Israel, so much so that you can't pause and think straight enough to post accurate statements?

"Compared to any nearby country"? Why, first of all? Compare it to countires that you point out are undesirable? Again, why should this comparision take place? And you then insist on a dishonest premise, that Israel is "a piece of paradise" compared to the any nearby country. what is it you are comparing? Are there millions of people being actively tormented in these countries? Are there millions under a constant assault because of their religion? Israel continues to deny the Right of Return, continues to descriminate and continues to agressively grab more land. You need to look into the facts becasue "somehow" you aren't seeing them. I really don't know why that is.

We can see this blindness is not exclusive to dealing with Israel. When I tried to make a point about Iraq (not concentrating exclusively on Israel am I?), Doug Harper was blind to key facts concerning the issue of US commanders ordering torture victims returned to their torturers. So the problem of blind spots is not exclusive to Israel. With the Harper issue the subtext was that seeing things as they are would be "anti-American", with you and Israel the insinuation is it would be "anti-Semitic".
So how could you or Mr. Harper even begin to look at the issues if doing so means people ae going to "know the answer" as to why you look into it. You see, if people "know the answer" as to why people would question a fact, then why would you look into it. who wants to be labled an "anti-Semite" or "anti-American". You and Harper use dirty tactics and set up such defences that you can't possible bring yourselves to admit the facts.

As far as focus, you may notice that I am writting a book on 9/11 Motives in particular and the so called "War on Terroism" in general. Given that you should take note of what ABC managed to report acurately:
Chris Bury: "The US support of Israel tops the list of objections to American foreign policy. Indeed, some of the political grievances outlined by radicals, including Osama bin Laden, are shared even by a mainstream public that detests his murderous methods. In this view the US is not hated for the freedoms we enjoy, as the President suggested, but instead is seen as being hypocritical about them."
US support of Israel is the most extreme too. Look at all the billions of taxpayer dollars going to Israel and look at the degree of deception and manipulaion going into maintaining the support. We were attacked on 9/11 by people whose main grievance is US support for Israel and you have the audacity to question why I am talking about Israel?
U.S. policy on Israel key motive for effort key motive
On top of that we have people not only insinuating or out right declaring that criticism of Issrael is "anti-Semitism" but increadly they resor to claiming that stating the key motive for the 9/11 attacks is in itself "anti-Semitic"!
yes this is how extreme the underhanded tactics are and how ludicrous they can be. Yes some people want you to think that stating the key motive is being "anti-Semitic"!
Take a look at this ridiculous woman's arguements: letters


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