Wednesday, August 11, 2004

You wrote, " You were kind enough to quote me above but, alas, you failed to quote me in full or even to indicate to our reader that the quote was partial by the usual method of "..." No doubt a slip of the fingers on the key board to which we all prone. "

The quote I used was not misleading, I quoted you and your clear indication that you think or thought the Gaza Strip had nothing to do with occupied status.

So your question reveals your ignorance. In addition to that you think you have some great point? you ask what would happen to Mr. and Mrs. Cohen and their 2.5 children, would they live 1 week, 1 day or 1 hour if they stayed in "Gaza City"? It is almost certain that the very first thing that would happen is Mr. and Mrs. Cohen and their 2.5 children would be told to leave. Moving populations into occupied territories is illegal. If they for some reason moved into an are controlled by the PA then they would also no doubt be asked to leave, illegal immigrants in most any country are asked to leave.

your question ignores the fact that these illegal settlers are moving in with the intention that the land they move into will become part of Israel. You are extremely dishonest or embarrassingly ignorant if you don't know this. And I don't buy your claim that you meant and that you "knew" Gaza or parts of Gaza were occupied. The context gives that away, I am not a fool. You clearly didn't understand the Gaza Strip is subjected to the same kind of occupation and illegal settlements.

OK, what would happen to these illegal settlers if they for some reason insisted on staying (again this would be bizarre, they would not stay if they accepted that the land they were on would never be part of Israel. It undermines the whole point of the ethnically cleansing of hundreds of thousands of non-Jews so that "demographic purity" could be established in Israel. ) In your unrealistic scenario, if they refused to leave the PA would probably forceable remove them if locals don't hurt them before that.

And that should come as a surprise? Your question is OBNOXIOUS. Settlers are there for a VERY UGLY REASON and you are acting like it is all innocent, that is really fucking OBNOXIOUS. You think it would be odd that people would take out their frustrations on members of a group that had wronged AND STILL WRONG them? You think it is some kind of joke that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Palestinains are STILL prevented from returning to their homes and MOST of the land is taken for a racist agenda? You think given the fact of these outragous ongoing violations that illegal settlers should be welcomed with open arms in the little bit of land the Palestinains have left? Guy, you are really OBNOXIOUS.
You are delusional. What the hell is your deal with Israel anyway? The ideas you express are so off the-wall and ignorant that something must be wrong here. Do you make up excuses for other agendas that are clearly wrong?

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