Thursday, August 12, 2004

You wrote, "I have learned that the world would be so much better off without the Jews. Am I wrong?I mean after all .... arent they responsible for everything."

Always with the melodrama, always jumping to "what, you mean kill Jews?" The point isn't that Jews are "responsible for everything", the point is specific Jews are in fact responsible for specific horrific wrongs and it has to stop. Is that so God damn difficult to understand?

You wrote, "I have found that only the Jews EVER do anything wrong. So my conclusion is that we should just get rid of the Jews. Anybody disagree?"

How original, a Jew posing as a non-Jew posting over the top anti-Semitic nonsense. You couldn't just post something about finally ending the racist system and living as other civilized people in the world are expected to live, could you? You couldn't call for an end to the racism and land grabs, could you (even when you are posing as someone else)?

Once again someone has posed as an anti-semite in order to serve the Jewish State. How fucking sick is it that so many times the alleged "anti-Semitic" expressions turn out to be from someone Jewish who poses as a non-Jew? AGAIN! You twisted little freak, you have done it again. I am sure you thought you were clever with this stupid post.
I know you think your "satire" is clever. what it actually is is very revealing. you once again continue the trend of a Jew posting anti-semitic messages.

The point is not that Jews are always wrong but if you read the posts, no matter how much evidence is provided, some Jews refuse to believe Jews are ever wrong.

The father of Zionism plotted to ethnically cleanse non-Jews from Palestine. When Zionists had the power, they did just that to hundreds of thousands of non-Jews.

Now look at the denial of so many Jews, they refuse to admit what they did. We see "thank you, thank you, thank you" to posts that deny that Zionists forced non-Jews out of Palestine.
We see the sick-minded bullshit that "arab leaders told them to leave so that they could come back after the Jews were killed". Here is a quote form a Jew with honesty and class:cover
"since the birth of the refugee question, Israel i propaganda has steadfastly held that, in response to Arab radio broadcasts urging flight to clear the field for the invading Arab armies, the Palestinians departed of their own volition-indeed despite Zionist entreaties that they remain in place. This claim was conclusively demolished by British scholar Erskine Childers and Palestinian scholar Walid Khalidi as far back as the early 1960s" Norman G. Finkelstein, Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict, New and Revised Edition pp56-57

And yet we still have rabid Zionists that insist on Zionist propaganda which has been proven false. AND ON TOP OF THAT, when it is pointed out that it is indeed false, we have assholes like you that whine about imaginary arguments that "Jews are always wrong" and post anti-Semitic crap posing as a non-Jew. does the sickmindedness ever end?

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