Tuesday, August 10, 2004

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It is disappointing to see people post messages who say they are fans of O'Reilly. The bottom line is (and seems some here miss it) that O'Reilly was caught in a lie. Media Matters For America documented the lie. Krugman pointed out O'Reilly's lie. O'Reilly's first response was to emphasize the Radio Factor. SO WHAT O'REILLY, you lied on your radio show, does that make it less of a lie than lying on the cable show? then O'Reilly said fine but a few minutes later O'Reilly asked "And where'd you get that little evil quote" what difference does it make who went to the trouble of listening to O'Reilly 's crap show? O'Reilly was caught red handed lying so all he could do is scream about MMFA. The bottom line is MMFA caught him lying.

Unfortunately some viewers are too simple minded to pick up on this. Krugman did ask O'Reilly is he could dispute it. O'Reilly could not and instead ranted about "do your own research" But seriously, that is not even a valid point. thank goodness MMFA staff can sit through O'Reilly crap shows, I would not want to.

I guess to drive the point home that O'Reilly lied, Krugman should have started screaming you were caught lying you liar and MMFA proved it. He should have screamed "prove them wrong, prove you are not a liar" and "I am not going to sit through your crap show, MMFA does that for me, you liar."

Apparently that's what it takes with the WWF crowd that misses the points and only is impressed with tantrums and volume. Like John Fitzgerald above. John, did you miss the point that O'Reilly LIED and was caught LYING? Being a "balanced website" does not mean you ignore lies John. MMFA nailed the lying liar O'Reilly.
Peter Hart and Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting ( FAIR ) do a good job exposing this asshole. But the book!

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