Sunday, August 15, 2004

Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East

You wrote, Turkey is not part of the Middle East. It is considered Asia Minor.

don't play these fucking games. It is very common to consider Turkey part of the Middle East.

Middle East: Geographical area without clear borders, with its centre in the eastern Mediterranean basin. The most limited version of what the Middle East includes is set to Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

An equally often used version of Middle East, includes Cyprus, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt.

An even larger Middle East includes Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen middle_east.htm cache

Look, Zionists are fucking manipulative liars that are making excuses for horrific wrongs and extreme racism because they have a fanatical devotion to their perverse interpretation of Judaism which to them means the State of Israel.

Zionists have Americans repeating the phrase "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East" like Pavlov's dogs. The thing is just propaganda. Turkey is a democracy and so is Lebanon. The manipulative thing is this "Israel is a democracy" thing is thrown out as a way to paint Israeli in a positive light which it doesn't deserve. "Democracy" has several connotations that are taken for granted by Americans. One of them is equality. One of the definitions listed for democracy is indeed: "The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community." but that isn't true of Israel, the propaganda is intended to obscure that fact.

Turkey is a democracy and Lebanon is a democracy if we consider Israel a democracy.

You wrote, " Now this part of the post is the one I that make me smirk. Where has this poster been for the last 30 years? Lebanon is a puppet state of the Syrians, who maintain a troop presence of 16,000 in its borders. ... The Muslims are solidly in control of the nation, and the Syrians routinely assassinate Druze and Christians. Sure, Lebanon was a the 70's! "

You want to pretend that Lebanon is not a democracy. What you are doing is being critical of how good of a democracy it is. If we want to get into how good a democracy is then Israel fails too. The fact is there are parliamentary and municipal elections in Lebanon. It is a democracy even today. And this is why the Zionist propaganda about Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East is false.

IS the Lebanese democracy flawed? Yes, BUT THE ISRAEL DEMOCRACY IS FLAWED TOO.

So it is DISHONEST to on one hand talk about Israel being a democracy but to deny that Lebanon is.

There are problems in Lebanon, the Lebanese people have only a limited capacity to choose their own government. And there are problems in Israel , non-Jewish citizens in Israel have a a limited capacity to choose their own government. The reason is there are laws that restrict what a candidate's platform can be and the platform cannot be what we take for granted here in America. Non-Jews are discriminated against because they cannot vote for who they want to vote for. By Israeli law, a candidate cannot run on a platform that calls for equal rights for non-Jews.

The point is this talk about "democracy" doesn't mean much. The attempt is to make it seem like the government of Israel is fair, it isn't.

So the way Israel is a democracy is talked about here in America is VERY MISLEADING. To take just one recent example, when was the last time in Israel that the Israeli police shot 13 Jewish Israeli citizens protesting in Israel? Never? In the year 2000, in Israel, Israeli police shot 13 Arab Israeli citizens protesting in Israel.

The thing with Zionist propaganda is that often it is a bald face lie. There is a history of lies like this in the Zionist movement. Another one is "a land without a people".

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