Sunday, October 17, 2004

A denier writes: "You can also visit a website called and find tons of proof."

That web site says STEVEN J. PITKIN now claims he "neither witnessed nor participated in any American war crimes or atrocities"
He claims "During the Winter Soldier Investigation, John Kerry and other leaders of that event pressured me to testify about American war crimes"
We really need to think about how that really could make sence.
Some common sence should be used when we consider his claims, especially this one:
"Upon my return to the United States I encountered anti-war protestors who, at various times, threw feces, spit, and screamed obscenities."
I think he is really laying it on thick and is simply repeating an urban myth. ( a myth he has heard just as others have heard it without realizing it isn't true) Also he claims he went along with the wishes of anti-war activists AFTER he had supposedly been spit on by anti-war activists and had shit thrown at him by anti-war activists and was cursed by anti-war activists when he came back home?!? Give me a break!

DOes anyone see a problem with his claims? Today he wants you to believe he was "forced" by anti-war activists to testify falsely? And after he supposedly had been abused with spit, shit and curses by anti-war activists? The guys is not credible. and we see that his claims about spit AND SHIT NO LESS! ( supposedly being thrown at soldiers at an Air Force Base?)
These claims undermine his credibility and the web site when they make the claim "At Travis Air Force Base in California he was showered with feces thrown by anti-war protestor" Apply common sence, there are no news reports of this see the bottom part of this post, the section about the myth about "Vietnam Vets Getting Spit On" and how the hell could this actaully happen at Travis Air Force Base? These guys are apparently not aware that these claims have been debunked. For those that may not be aware, the "spitting on vets stories" have turned out to be basically an urban myth See: Denying Facts and Embracing Myths: Vietnam War Crimes and Tales about "Vietnam Vets Getting Spit On" see also: The Village Voice: Features: Swift Boat Swill by Nicholas Turse

the crimes happened! don't deny them

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