Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bush Fascists Remove Citizens from Town Hall

ALEXANDER YOUNG: Well, on Monday, March 21, at an event billed as a “conversation on saving Social Security,” I and two friends, Leslie Weise and Karen Bauer, decided to go down and participate in this dialogue. Unfortunately, we were evicted before the President arrived by an as yet unnamed man, because of the content on the bumper sticker of my friend's car. That bumper sticker said, “No more blood for oil.”

AMY GOODMAN: And so, you went from the car, what, a parking lot?

ALEXANDER YOUNG: Right. We were parked in the parking lot, stood in line for a half an hour or so, went and sat down in the audience and then were forcibly ejected by a person who was posing as a secret service agent.

AMY GOODMAN: Why did you think he was a secret service agent?

ALEXANDER YOUNG: Previous to our entry, he had pulled aside a couple of friends of mine. Leslie and Karen were pulled aside and were told to wait for the secret service to arrive. And this man appeared and started threatening them, telling them that they would be sent to prison and arrested if they pulled anything while they were inside.

AMY GOODMAN: And then?

ALEXANDER YOUNG: And then, this is the same individual who came and grabbed us from the audience and started pushing and shoving us out of the hall.

AMY GOODMAN: On what grounds?
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