Thursday, May 19, 2005

Delete or dot, dot, dot

More of media's service to Zionism. (this kind of stuff goes on all the time)

Latest example, MSNBC had quoted Galloway's comment, "“I want to turn the tables on this neocon, pro-Israel, pro-war, Republican lynch mob.” on their page about Galloway's testimony but has now removed that sentence. Check the link to see what MSNBC did
(I will put a copy of this page at my web site because it won't stay forever at Google News.)

Also, Reuters felt it necessary to use an ellipsis to replace the word "pro-Israel" in the lead, quoting Galloway this way: "neo-con … pro-war, Republican lynch mob"

My letter to Reuters:

Regarding Sue Pleming's May 17, 2005 article about British MP George Galloway.

An ellipsis was used to replace the word "pro-Israel" in the lead. Pleming, quoting Galloway, wrote: "neo-con … pro-war, Republican lynch mob"

Why was an ellipsis used in the lead? In the third paragraph, Galloway's unedited sentence was used: "I want to turn the tables on this neo-con, pro-Israel, pro-war, Republican lynch mob."

No answer from Reuters yet.

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