Thursday, March 02, 2006

Katrina and 9/11

President Bush may be one of the most incompetent presidents in U.S. history. He ignored warnings of two of the most dire threats to the nation and we were hit with two of the biggest catastrophes in history.

Many people could not admit it to themselves when they started to hear about the pre-9/11 warnings that Bush ignored. Now we have video evidence of Bush simply being disengaged from his presidential duties when "painstakingly briefed" about an impending disaster. Face it people, the man is a horrible president. Forget all the political party loyalty crap and partisan this or that. Look at the facts. "US disaster officials warned President George Bush in dramatic and sometimes agonising terms that Hurricane Katrina could breach New Orleans levees." But "the president didn't ask a single question during the briefing." -Video shows Bush was warned before Katrina struck

"An explosive videotape indicates President Bush and his homeland security chief were painstakingly briefed before Hurricane Katrina on worst-case scenarios - contradicting Bush's later assertions that no one could have guessed New Orleans' levees would fail.

The video obtained by The Associated Press, along with transcripts of six days of meetings, shows Bush was told of possible levee breaches, impending disaster for evacuees at the New Orleans Superdome and other "grave concerns" about the approaching storm, which experts warned was the "Big One."" -
W Knew Kat was 'big one' Vid debunks Prez denial

see video here: In the USA, the aggressively incompetent leaders who get us into one catastrophe after another are allowed to stay and screw up the reconstruction process as well.

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