Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One of Bin Laden's Aims: Stop Support of Israel

One of Bin Laden's Aims: Stop Support of Israel
"There's no question we shouldn't be doing more -- if you want to know what my nightmare is, my nightmare is a terrorist with a nuclear weapon. ... we're not doing enough in that area. ... We know from bin Laden's own words what he wants to do, and he's said this. He said, the best thing to do to get the United States and its allies out of the Middle East is to do the same thing, as he puts it, that the United States did to Japan, to drop a couple of nuclear devices. And he thinks if that happened, we will get out of the Middle East, which is stop supporting Israel, which of course is one of bin Laden's aims. So, he's said it. I mean, you don't have to search for that. He's said that was one of his aims, and he's been trying to acquire nuclear materials for 25 years." - THOMAS KEAN, 9/11 COMMISSION CHAIRMAN on CNN LARRY KING LIVE August 14, 2006

Mr. Kean, why the hell didn't the 9/11 Commission discuss the policy of supporting Israel? Are we going to let pundits and politicians con us until we get hit with a nuclear bomb? Why was the 9/11 Commission unwilling to discuss U.S. support of Israel? Is that policy more important than our lives?

On Meet the Press, Lee Hamilton was asked if he was confident the 9/11 Commission's work can prevent another attack. Hamilton answered, "No, no. Not confident. I think another attack will come. But I think the lesson is that the system works, but it takes an awful lot of work to make the system work".

NO! Another attack does not have to happen! Are we going to sit back and allow them to continue policies that put are lives at risk? They are saying that these polices, like supporting the unjust and immoral state of Israel, are more important than the first obligation of government? In the same interview, Thomas Kean said, "I think the first obligation of government in this country or any country is to keep the citizens safe." But the 9/11 Commission was unwilling to discuss the prime motive for the 9/11 attacks.

Are we going to sit back and allow policymakers to put our lives at risk by supporting a country that violates the rights of others? Are we going to resign ourselves to another attack because policymakers insist on supporting Israel? A country that discriminates on the basis of religion, denying people the same rights that we demand for ourselves.


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