Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not Saying Why, MSM's Bias Against Chavez

Notice these guys won't answer Larry King's question:

L. KING: Why is Chavez so angry, Wolf?

BLITZER: Because he really hates this president of the United States.

L. KING: Because?

BLITZER: Very close to Fidel Castro. You see the trips he's making to Iran, to Syria, coddling up with all those leaders that really don't like this president, don't like the United States very much at all. And I guess you've got to talk to Hugo Chavez, but I think the first President Bush is right. When Venezuela is a member of OPEC, it's a huge oil-exporting country, they're making a ton of money right now as is Iran, another member of OPEC. And as long as these guys have a lot of cash, they can go around and make the kind of statements they make.

CARVILLE: I've worked for the opposition of Venezuela for some time, so I'm pretty familiar with it and President Bush. And Wolf, we're exactly right. If he's sitting on $60 a barrel oil and he's giving what they refer to -- and you have a long history of neglect in Venezuela -- it wasn't like you had some pristine great government in there before Chavez came. He is a bad actor, not a small-d Democrat in any sense of the word. He is as autocratic as he can possibly be, but he's trying to ferment a lot of stuff around Latin America and around the world and he's being propped up by this high price of oil.

L. KING: Why did the president of Iran get so much attention?

J. KING: Why did the president of Iran get so much attention? Because he has a nuclear program that many think is on the verge of becoming a nuclear weapon program, and he has said that he thinks Israel should be wiped off the map.

L. KING: But he doesn't run Iran, does he? He doesn't really run that country.

J. KING: Well but why did they pick him? If he doesn't run that country and the religious leaders do, why did they pick him at this moment in time? That is the question the world is asking itself. And you have the United States, which has -- its position in the Middle East has been weakened because of the Iraq war, its leverage in the region has been weakened because of the Iraq war. This man steps out there and he's trying to assert himself in the region and so far with Hezbollah and with Syria, he's succeeding.

You go into Israel right now and they are worried. The Israelis are very worried that he's serious. They take him at his word that he wants to wipe them off the map.

L. KING: J.C., did Hezbollah win that war?

WATTS: No, I don't think so.

L. KING: It won the P.R. war.

WATTS: Well they got some P.R. brownie points out of it, but I don't think they won. The president of Iran, and the president of Venezuela, they both are small men with withered souls. And they're very dangerous people, and I do think the president of Iran is to be taken seriously, which I think this president has taken him seriously. And any time that he will make some of the crazy, ludicrous statements that he's made about Israel and even the United States of America. Again I think Hezbollah got some brownie points, I don't think they won the war.

L. KING: The problem is still Israel/Palestine, isn't it, Candy? The focus of all that?

CROWLEY: Absolutely. It always is. I mean, you know, the problem -- but it's just gotten worse again because, as John said, the diminution of U.S. power and U.S. influence in the area, on Chavez and the president of Iran,I mean, we're back to all politics is local. This helps them with the home team crowd. That's what this is about. It's -- you know, if you're a dictator, if you're a guy that has power through means other than democracy, you've got to play the hometown crowd so they don't run it up.
- CNN LARRY KING LIVE Aired October 4, 2006 - 21:00 ET

These shills fail to admit that Chavez is democratically elected and VERY popular and he is helping the poor.


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confusedforeigner said...

Utter nonsense being bandied about regarding both Chavez and Iran. The press must know this is all a beat up, especially the Iranian "nuclear crisis".

Its Iraq all over again and the press is falling over itself to drink the kool aid and pass it along.


As an Australian, I apologize sincerely for Rupert Murdoch not being put down at birth.