Thursday, November 02, 2006

We can make this work if people just never figure it out

"Are you referring to ..."

No Mike, I am referring to the fact that Bush and other Republicans know damn well what they did with Kerry's speech. As Dick Armey said: "misconstrue what somebody said. You isolate a statement, you lend your interpretation to it and then feign moral outrage"

Two days ago the ugly game was exposed in detail by Chris Matthews and Dick Armey:

MATTHEWS: Kerry was trashing Bush himself and Bush says, "Don't say those terrible things about my troops!"

ARMEY: Right.

MATTHEWS: So, this is a bit of theater orchestrated well by the White House. They have got the American Legion commander out there making a statement. They got him to do it. I'm sure -- I assume that most of these people did not read the whole statement of Kerry yesterday, but they are happy to jump on the quote they got.

ARMEY: A fundamental premise of politics is: We can make this work if people just never figure it out.

The Republican interpretation is dishonest, it doesn't make sense because "getting stuck in Iraq" only makes sense as policy. Are we to believe that a well educated soldier doesn't get stuck but a poorly educated one does? That doesn't make sense, clearly "getting stuck in Iraq" is about a policy. If Kerry meant what the Republicans want to pretend he meant, he would say "if you don't get education you could end up in the army or end up being sent to Iraq." Even Jay realizes that Kerry was talking about Bush and not the troops.

Kerry's sentence right before it was another dig at Bush so they know damn well the context was about Bush. It takes balls for Bush to pretend that a joke against him was against the troops. Bush is willing to upset the troops by pretending that Kerry was insulting them, THAT IS REALLY LOW!

LOOK at what the Republicans are doing to the troops. The Republicans have no respect for the troops, the Republicans are using them as a prop in a desperate attempt to score political points right before an election.

Like I said, "the Republicans are playing an ugly game, they don't care if they hurt the troops by making them think a politician is mocking them when he was not."

See A fundamental premise of politics

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Levois said...

This is a good catch. It just shows both parties engage in throwing mud at each other. Even embellish the truth a little.