Thursday, July 26, 2007

U.S. Support for Israel is an Enormous Threat to World Peace.

U.S. Support for Israel is an Enormous Threat to World Peace.
"Another contributing factor to this extremely dangerous amalgam is U.S. support for Israel's continued rejection of a long-standing international consensus on a political settlement for the Israel-Palestine issue, and its ongoing actions to undermine any possibility that a political settlement can be reached. Always crucially with decisive U.S. support, otherwise those actions are impossible for. For 30 years now, the U.S. has been unilaterally, and that's worth stressing, unilaterally blocking the possibility of a political settlement and providing the decisive diplomatic, economic and military means that permit the actions that step by step make any such settlement impossible. That's dramatically true right now. It's all consistently suppressed in the doctrinal system, and now of course, it's to be - if even mentioned, eliminated from history by the usual means, the convenient doctrine of change of course. Well, this has been decisive for 30 years, and it's going on, and we should pay attention to it if we care about the future." - from Noam Chomsky's speech "After the War," delivered to a packed theater at Columbia University 11/03


Anonymous said...

I agree with that statement.

However, if you look at what a supporter or a friend truly is, you will realize that the U.S. is not a friend to Israel. A friend does not support you unconditionally. If you are doing something that is immoral a friend tells you that it is wtong. If you are doing something that is self-destructive, a friend points it out to you. The U.S. is enabler for Israel and that is no friend.

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