Sunday, August 05, 2007

War Propaganda Tricking People

President Bush Pushes War Propaganda Tricking People Into Supporting An Attack On Iran

President Bush illegally attacked Iraq and his actions have put the United States at greater risk of terrorism. Please see this link and the links in the post:
The Bush Administration is committing fraud again in order to sell another war to the American people. In particular take note of the link that shows that Bush was not telling the truth when he made claims that the intelligence was saying Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and his lie about Saddam and al-Qaeda. "On the issue of the Saddam regime's relations with terrorist groups, the intelligence community, in the assessments it produced on that subject, never judged that there was anything close to an alliance with al-Qaeda."

Also note, as unthinkable as it may be, that Bush does not even know or he is lying about the very reason he attacked Iraq: Bush thinks Saddam didn't let the inspectors in and that is why we attacked him! He has said it at least 3 times now and the media keeps letting him get away with it!

And now we have to worry this lunatic is going to attack Iran or will give a wink to Israel to attack Iran. In a recent article, Jonathan Cook, points out that Bush is telling a falsehood which serves a propaganda effort to push another war agenda, it is a lie which is told to sell the public on the outrageous idea of attacking Iran:
"What is the basis for Israel’s dire forecasts -- the ideological scaffolding being erected, presumably, to justify an attack on Iran? Helpfully, as George Bush defended his Iraq policies last month, he reminded us yet again of the menace Iran supposedly poses: it is “threatening to wipe Israel off the map”.

This myth has been endlessly recycled since a translating error was made of a speech Ahmadinejad delivered nearly two years ago. Farsi experts have verified that the Iranian president, far from threatening to destroy Israel, was quoting from an earlier speech by the late Ayatollah Khomeini in which he reassured supporters of the Palestinians that “the Zionist regime in Jerusalem” would “vanish from the page of time”.

He was not threatening to exterminate Jews or even Israel. He was comparing Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians with other illegitimate systems of rule whose time had passed, including the Shahs who once ruled Iran, apartheid South Africa and the Soviet empire. Nonetheless, this erroneous translation has survived and prospered because Israel and her supporters have exploited it for their own crude propaganda purposes." - Israel’s Jewish problem in Tehran - So why hasn’t Iran started by wiping its own Jews off the map? by Jonathan Cook

Bush is obviously trying to justify starting yet another war(for the public or even in his own mind, perhaps truth means nothing to him) . See this link: Bush is Ignorant and Extremely Dangerous (either way, either he knows he is telling falsehoods or he is ignorant, either way, the man is not fit to be commander in chief and he must be immediately stripped of the powers he has abused.) He must be stopped, we must demand that our representatives impeach him and remove him from office immediately. This is too dangerous a situation to allow to continue:


Anonymous said...

dude i totly agree with everything you say 9 11 iraq everthing keep telling the turth!

Anonymous said...

What is scary is that it all has a purpose. Money. It's to make money. GE makes money. Haliburton. etc. There is too much money in the hands of too few people. Redistribution of wealth. There should be a maximum wage as well as a minimum wage. The wealthy own everything now and have the wannabees as their henchmen. What are you gonna do?