Sunday, November 11, 2007

If I could ask the media a question

The media helps to sell the idea of bombing Iran by the very fact that they refuse to report that bombing Iran would be a war crime. Bombing Iran would be illegal. Bombing Iran would be a violation of international law.

If I could ask the media a question it would be this: Why the hell can't you report the truth and inform the American people of the basic fact that attacking Iran is illegal?


Anonymous said...

I like the posts that you have put up here and it is very encouraging to see some people interested in real news and not the popular mainstream news...
Overall I am convinced that the current White House is dominated towards the interests of certain section of the Israeli society. Given the fact that the whole world and even educated Israelis would not support such an ideology (since this is doing more harm than good to them) why is such a thing happening?
Who are these real people behind the war? What do they want? What are their intentions? What do they have to gain from this constant instability? What is your take on this?
The only convincing answer that I can think of is money and the people who control it.

Anonymous said...

In response to the question of why powers in the White House support special interests in Israeli society, I think it can best be explained by "Christian" beliefs based on understandings(?) of the Bible that promise "blessings" to those who "bless" Israel and "cursings" to those who oppose her. I think much US support for Israel is based on these ideas. I also believe per my own Bible study and teachings I've received that Israel will remain a nexus in the world political scene.