Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another Attack on RepresentativePress

Another Attack on Representative Press

Once again, someone has falsely claimed that one of my web pages or videos violates one of the terms of use of a particular site. This false report, which has disabled my googlepages site, is yet another attempt to censor my political speech.

This is the message I get at my page
"This site has been disabled for violations of our Program Policies. If you feel this disabling was in error, please visit our contact page to let us know. Contact Us"

This is the latest sabotage of Representative Press. Those attempting to censor my political speech have used this tactic before. Hopefully Googlepages will re-enable my account soon. When they did this to a video I put on YouTube, YouTube saw these dirty tricks for what they were, thankfully. See my video: I Heard Back from the YouTube Team about the CENSORED VIDEO

Getting the truth out is a constant battle, I could use any help I can get. Please support Representative Press any way you can. I need to get more equipment and redouble my efforts. This Christmas
Please Buy Your Christmas Gifts Through the Representative Press Store or make a donation to Representative Press

The site they managed to get deleted was the one I linked to from the banner at my YouTube account: "You can help spread the word, pass this link on to everyone you can" Please pass the link of my YouTube account on to everyone you can:

If anyone has any advice about getting a GooglePages website re-enabled, please leave a comment: See video: Another Attack on Representative Press: Website SABOTAGE

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Anonymous said...

that is totally wrong its like "they" dont want you using your free speech, ive seen nothing that would be deemed offensive and what you present could be looked at as opinion and if people choose to watch your videos and read your articles its there choice, its a bad that they censor somethign that is not even illegal.