Monday, May 12, 2008

Re: Got a Question for Ralph Nader?

Re: Got a Question for Ralph Nader? - see video

Mr. Nader,

Will you honor your oath to the US Constitution to uphold the rule of law with regard to the use of US Armed Forces, unlike McCain, Obama and Hilary? Will you pledge that you will not be singing about bombing other countries like McCain or that you will not keep illegal options on the table like Obama & Hillary? Will you will absolutely rule out the use force unless it is legal according to our Constitution and the Constitutional responsibility to abide by the international treaties the US has signed which prohibit wars of aggression? McCain, Obama and Hillary are unwilling to abide by the UN Charter which the Unites States has signed. Will you declare that all threats of force are off the table and that you will instead abide by UN Charter and the law of the land as spelled out in our Constitution?

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