Thursday, October 02, 2008

Message to some one who gave my video one star:

Message to some one who gave my video one star:

you should check out the track "Selling Free Enterprise" on the CD "Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind"
I don't see any reason someone would give one start to a video that exposes the facts. I know it is not what you were probably taught ion school but these are the facts. In fact what you were probably taught in school is the result of a massive propaganda campaign by business in over to sell a certain way of looking at economics.

And I did not say Paul endorsed Nader. it is a fact that, as I wrote, "on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, Ron Paul said he wants to see people vote for Nader." I never wrote that he is "supporting him" or "endorsed him." He did say what I quoted and you can find the video of him saying it. What he has now done, very recently, 12 days after saying what he said on Blitzer's show, he changed his mind about what he called his "neutral stance" in a letter saying he is supporting candidate Chuck Baldwin now.

And are you saying Ron Paul didn't deny the suffering of the Great Depression? (I guess he feels he must because he thinks his economic vision MUST work so he has to deny that it doesn't) "I mean, do you read stories about how many people were laying in the streets and dying and didn't have medical treatment? . . . Prices were low and the country was productive and families took care of themselves and churches built hospitals and there was no starvation." - Ron Paul

"I can only presume that the Great Depression never occurred in whatever universe Paul inhabits."
GOOGLE: "Those who forget the past are doomed to sound like Ron Paul"

Ron Paul has said he doesn't support impeaching Bush, why the hell is this man not pushing for the impeachment of a war criminal in the White House? So much for caring about the Constitution.

Also, he is so fanatical with his economic theories that he says falsehoods about basic fundamental facts. Slick politicians can simply avoid mentioning something but he denies the fact that the government CAN and DOES make money. Corporate dominated public discourse is such that you will probably never hear it but the Tennessee Valley Authority is a federal corporation and the nations largest public power company and it makes money. Google TVA and look under "About TVA" then "TVA FAQ" For over 70 years the TVA has proved him wrong. AS I pointed out, the economic system doesn't work without Gov. help anyway. why should we allow profits to only flow into private hands?


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Julia Riber Pitt said...

It seems as though a lot of the problems facing the country come out of capitalism (or state capitalism, or socialism for the top 5% and capitalism for the bottom 95%). That's the reason why I don't trust the libertarians at all. They are also pro-capitalist, just like the Capitalist Party (in which the Democrats and Republicans are two factions of). Go Nader and go Chomsky!