Sunday, November 30, 2008


"your right she said it too nonchalantly as if it was common knowledge ... i happen to agree with you that she meant to say pearl" -checkitb4uwreckit

"ok rep press i see the link. this is a good point. this is something that makes a reasonable argument for the possibility of her mis speaking. ... israel we should admit that this is not a ridiculous theory rep press is pushing" - joopq

"She may have really meant to say Daniel Pearl ... I've made it crystal clear what I meant is that she may have MEANT to say Daniel Pearl ... My take on it is that she DID "misspeak", as in not intentionally saying 'Osama Bin Laden'" - israelfnp

(this Youtuber calling himself "israelfnp" had at first refused to believe that she may have meant to say "Daniel Pearl." This is what he posted three months ago on my channel page: Oh, I get it, Bhutto MEANT to say Daniel Pearl, but accidentally said "Osama Bin Laden", yeah I make slips like that all the time, I mean to say apples and I say Oranges instead, silly mistake, right. Can't wait to see you debunk that on your vid. It's so easy to confuse "Daniel Pearl" with "Osama Bin Laden")
Bhutto didn't mean to say "Osama bin Laden"
See video


Julia Riber Pitt said...

At this point, they're just making themselves look ridiculous.

Tell me, why do you think it is that conspiracy theories with no basis in any real facts spread like wildfire on the internet, while real scholarly work which is just as revealing of wrongdoings doesn't? They believe it because they want to believe it.

By the way, I Emailed Prof. Chomsky and his interview scheduler the other day. I hear it's going to take a while for him to get back to me, but I have all the time in the world between now and when my break ends. I'll keep you updated on what happens.

Tom said...

that sounds good. I have been planning on getting more done and e-mailing you about the conspiracy stuff. They drain me but as you point out, the video has gotten 4 stars so some people are getting it. ANd some of the people who at first refused to think it was possible that she misspoke are now saying that she may have. That is what I am quoting of these people.

Julia Riber Pitt said...

You can ask James for my Email address. I'd post it on here, but I have a fear of being spammed by the nuts from YouTube.

Unknown said...

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